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Have you ever had a 'gut feeling' that ended up being right?

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jitterbug5 Sat 31-Mar-18 08:17:53

Found a link on Facebook about gut feelings and it really fascinated me!

When I was younger my mum's boss always gave me the creeps. Absolutely no reason why, he was pleasant enough to us. I just couldn't stand being in the same room for a prolonged amount of time. Years later, he was convicted of having child pornography.

Anyone had similar?

WhatsGoingOnEh Sun 01-Apr-18 12:01:27

Not entirely a gut feeling, but a message that I didn't heed.

When I met my first DH, I was working at a lovely women's magazine, and we were all currently going through an "angel" obsession, where we'd ask angels for guidance, consult angel cards, etc. ☺️

I met DH through a Dating it's. When we arranged our first (blind) date, I got a cab over to where he was waiting to meet me. On the way I quietly asked my angel for a message/guidance about this date.

I clearly heard in my head the one single sentence: Turn back now.

Of course I didn't! So I met him, it was (for me) love at first sight. And it led to 10 of the unhappiest years of my life. We were such a bad match, he was a selfish idiot and I felt much of my life feeling like my whole world had veered off course and that I was living completely the wrong life.

Of course I had my amazing DC! But even so.

That's the only example I've ever had.

WhatsGoingOnEh Sun 01-Apr-18 12:02:11

Dating site, not dating its!

TempusFugitive Sun 01-Apr-18 12:04:41

Yes they are always right. I need to listen to them more. Unfortunately if you admit you have a bad feedling about somebody you're told off.

RawhideRingpiece Sun 01-Apr-18 12:04:44

No. I don’t really have gut feelings ever.

PositiveProton Mon 02-Apr-18 12:14:42

My husband was away on a work trip and one evening, I locked up the downstairs to head up to bed. My 4yo was asleep upstairs. I was so exhausted and usually would never find a reason to go back downstairs.

I got into bed and when I had settled, I heard 3 tapping noises. They came from just outside my bedroom door. I ignored it, but heard them again - as if someone was knocking gently. It was around 11pm, we live on a very quiet and safe street. I still went down to have a look as my gut told me to - which is unlike me as I would normally assume it's the house settling at night. These tapping noises also sounded a little too "human" for me to ignore. (Just want to add that my house feels like a very safe place. I grew up in a very woo house, it made me uncomfortable all throughout my childhood and teenage years. My marital home feels peaceful so I'm never scared to walk around in the dark).

As I got downstairs I heard a rushing sound of water (we are open plan) I thought that perhaps the cat had climbed onto the sink and nudged the tap. When I got to the kitchen, the tap wasn't on but the rushing of water was louder.

A pipe had burst in the utility room and water was rushing out at shocking speed. I knew where our stopcock was- out on the pave ment outside - so I rushed out to turn off our water supply to the property.

I am convinced that another entity or an angel helped me that night, because if I hadn't gone downstairs, the whole house would have flooded by the morning.

PositiveProton Mon 02-Apr-18 12:15:53

Should add that my experience was probably a mixture of guy feeling and woo.
I do often get gut feelings about small issues that turn out to be right.

Greenteandchives Mon 02-Apr-18 12:18:57

I knew my ds 18m old wasn’t right. Three trips to GP, fobbed off being an over anxious first time mum. ‘Give him Calpol’.
Eventually took him to the Children’s Hospital. He had leukaemia.

HonkyWonkWoman Mon 02-Apr-18 12:20:55

I've had many gut feelings in my life. The twice that I've ignored it have turned out to be catastrophic.
Never, ignore your gut!!!!!

HeadingForSunshine Mon 02-Apr-18 12:26:18

If I have ignored my gut things have gone disastrously.

ItchySeveredFoot Mon 02-Apr-18 12:26:26

Greentea a similar thing happened to my mil. She was dismissed twice before my dp was admitted to hospital. He had a very rare virus that has left him physically disabled 30 years later.

orenisthenewblack Mon 02-Apr-18 20:05:52


Looselytranslated Mon 02-Apr-18 20:19:18

My little girl used to say she didn’t like another parent from our baby group. To the point where it got embarrassing as she’d say ‘I don’t like X’s Daddy’ right in front of him.
She was 2-4 years at that point. We just thought she was being silly, or it was his beard or something. She never spent any time alone with him.

We now know him a lot better and although we no longer see him we have heard some very worrying things about him. She really seems to have spotted something.

LadyFuchsiaGroan Mon 02-Apr-18 20:27:10

When I was a child I refused to go into my uncles house when visiting with my father. I waited outside and my uncle was dead on the landing so would have been the first thing I would have seen.

ClaryFray Tue 03-Apr-18 18:10:08

When I was a child I used to go and stay with my great aunt. Her husband died in the war, very young. And I always felt like when I go up to go to the bathroom I was being watched from a room across the landing.

Turns out my great uncle used to hide in that room to make my aunt jump when they first brought there house.

Aprilmightmemynewname Tue 03-Apr-18 18:17:02

When we lived in an old farmhouse the smoke alarm went off as we were off to bed. Something told me to get to the utility room, without pausing to explain I ran down and got our ddogs out just as the tumble drier burst into flames. They were shut in and wouldn't have survived the smoke never mind the flames.

PositiveProton Tue 03-Apr-18 21:29:57

I thought of another one. When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew I was carrying a boy. I didn't mind having either a boy or girl, I really did not mind - but my gut told me "it's a boy." Had first scan and it was confirmed, but I always knew.

jitterbug5 Wed 04-Apr-18 07:41:57

Wow some of these are crazy! You can not argue that gut feeling is a thing can you?

I have another, although no where near as interesting! When I was pregnant with DS, I kept insisting on going to the MAU to be checked - nothing was wrong as such, something just didn't feel right. Of course MAU weren't interested as medically I was checking fine - however I just knew something was wrong. It turns out DS had a severe sepsis and was caught just in time!

jitterbug5 Wed 04-Apr-18 07:47:19

@PositiveProton I did too!! I kept referring to him as 'him' before I even knew! And I just wasn't surprised when they told me he was a boy!

TheMythicalChicken Wed 04-Apr-18 09:55:14

A few years ago, DH and I decided to order a delivery pizza from Pizza Hut, something we did a few times a month. This time, however, I said, “wouldn’t it be awful if your pizza delivery guy had a bike accident on the way to your house and died? You’d feel forever responsible.”

A while later, we got a call from Pizza Hut informing us that our pizza would be late as our delivery guy had had an accident. I was inconsolable. I grabbed the phone from DH’s hand and asked: Did he suffer? Did he have a family? Whereupon the bemused guy at Pizza Hut informed me that he was fine, standing next to him, not really injured but his bike was fucked.

I was obviously hugely relieved and felt very stupid.

SimonBridges Wed 04-Apr-18 10:05:00

Years ago when we were first married we saw a short article on something like The One Show about a couple having IVF.
I thought right then ‘we’re going to have to do that’. No reason, never tried for a baby.

5 years later we were at the same clinic.

Choosegopse Wed 04-Apr-18 10:08:24

I’ve had voices speak to me twice. One I heeded and left my relationship when I went abroad and one I didn’t and got married anyway. It haunted me for years especially when things were going badly. We’re splitting up now and I still don’t know what to think about it. On one hand I got lovely DC and some amazing experiences with him, but life feels like it has been more complicated and a struggle than maybe it would have been with someone else. I would always listen in future!

elQuintoConyo Wed 04-Apr-18 10:13:33

An old flatmate of mine had a weird feeling one afternoon as she left the flat to go to work. Turned back home and hid her jewellery (in the box of Ariel, dressing gown pockets etc). The flat was empty for 30 minutes until i came home to find the door kicked in from the hinges and the cat missing. I went straight to her shop to get her. Turns out burglars had targeted a whole street, jumping rooftop-to-rooftop. They broke in wonan upstair's balcony (stole everything), across the landing to her mother's flat (stole nothing - she kept everything in bank vaults) then came downstairs and broke into our flat.

Stole nothing cos flatmate had hidden it all (i on the other hand had fuck all to steal!). It freaked her out and i remember being surrounded by police with her muttering 'premonizione' into a brandy!

I had a lucid and frightening ferry-sinking dream the night before the Zebrugge disaster. I have had uncomfortable feelings around some old places, eg Culloden when i was 6yo (just a field to me then, didn't know why i was traipsing around it!).

I haven't felt it around people but there is a MNer who mer a bloke (something like a parking attendant, don't quote me) who gave her the heebie jeebies, turns out was Levi Bellfield. Hayzoos Christo.

TheFaerieQueene Wed 04-Apr-18 10:14:13

To those who think an angel or some such would help with a domestic problem but not, perhaps, intervene when an innocent gets run over or a person with dementia gets lost etc? Why would that be?

Piffpaffpoff Wed 04-Apr-18 10:16:06

Yes. Second job interview, had lunch with a former colleague afterwards who naturally asked me how it went. ‘Job sounds brilliant but there’s something a bit off about the boss’ was my response. Was offered the job, there was more than something a bit off with the boss and it was the worst couple of years of my life. Taught me a good lesson though and I listen when my senses tell me things now!

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