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Can we have some woo stories please?

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SequinRash Fri 17-Nov-17 01:30:03

I need to go to sleep
But...nah! Creepy tales please grin

SequinRash Fri 17-Nov-17 01:36:29

Bumpity bump

LineysRum Fri 17-Nov-17 01:37:46

I've been left a really creepy notebook to 'research'. I was going to post about it on here anyway, but can I use your thread to hide my strange story in? I'm at a bit of an impasse with it.

I wasn't personally left the notebook, it came to me with some old papers my former professor from decades ago had in his house. He died, sadly. His wife sent them to me, because she knows I write up old research notes online.

SequinRash Fri 17-Nov-17 01:59:08

Please tell us more

OneTitWonder Fri 17-Nov-17 02:00:55

For my 21st birthday, my brother gave me an antique locket on a thick silver chain (as was the fashion in the early 90s). I absolutely adored it. I was working in a large department store at the time, and wore it to work every day. One afternoon I put my hand up to my neck and the chain was still there but the locket was gone. My colleagues and I searched and searched the whole work area but found no sign of it. I left a note for the cleaners, but no luck. It was gone, I thought it had probably been picked up by a customer. For context, (important later in the story) on that day I was wearing a black dress with no pockets.

About a month later, I was at work, wearing a white blouse with a pocket on the chest, I had ironed it to wear that morning. Around 10am I bent over to pick up something off the floor, when out of the pocket of my blouse fell the missing locket.

There is simply no explanation. It was not in the pocket of that shirt when I ironed it that morning (it was a big heavy locket so no way you could iron the shirt without noticing it), and that shirt wasn't what I'd been wearing the day I lost the locket.

It still gives me goosebumps to tell that story. I am not a woo type person at all but really, how the hell else to you explain what happened?

LineysRum Fri 17-Nov-17 02:16:24

I'm half asleep, OP. Maybe later.

Raven11 Fri 17-Nov-17 02:42:05

I've got two woo stories:

As a teen I went for a week away at the Norfolk seaside with my dad in what I guess was middle class victorian house which had been split into apartments- we were staying in what would have been the basement. The first night seemed okay, but in the middle night I thought I heard my dad making 'cocktails', as clear as day I could hear a crystal glasses clattering on a tray, with being able to hear a spoon stirring the drinks as well. I then heard metal trays being carried through the hallway, up and down. I thought it was my dad, he never drank during the night, and didn't bring his glass (what he'd sometimes have one whisky on the weekend at home). I shouted out then nothing. I fell asleep. I asked him in the morning and he looked at me like a crazy person. I've never been so sure on something ever.

The second day I decided to pull a trick on my Dad by locking the bathroom door from the outside but then it did start locking it self. Every time we went to open the door it would be locked. It certainly wouldn't of been my dad as we think he has ASD and he took it seriously as an engineer trying to understand how it would lock- he even took it apart and he came to the conclusion it couldn't just fall to the lock position.

That night I went to bed, heard the footsteps like the previous night but this time I heard them in my room, it walked up to my bed (i'm under the covers cowering), stopped, and something touched my shoulder the was ice cold. It then walked away.

The third night we were watching tv when i could hear the fire crackling in the fire place with what sounded like food being turned in it but original fire place had gone- the whole chimney had been removed but I could pinpoint it just like the glasses.

I was a shaking mess, I went to bed with the light on fully clothed. My dad came into my room, got me out of bed, said we'd be leaving in the morning and told me to get ready for bed in his room/living room but he'd hold the handle so nothing could happen. I didn't get around to putting my top on, when I think I saw a reflection on the TV of a girl a few years younger than me (in a grey sack dress) sweeping. I pushed the door open, my dad just picked me up, grabbed a top out of my room (on the way to the front door) and we left in one swift movement. It was after midnight and my highly sceptical/engineering/ASD believed something was going on that house to drive us 3 hours home.

My Dad made me promise not to tell my uncle (who owned the flat) what had happened, but it came up in conversation that we were staying in what had been the old kitchen and servants quarters...

I was always like my dad of very much a non believer of 'the crazy people stuff' which was anything to do with religion/ghots/spirits/'the other side' but hell, that experience was something else. My uncle asks us every year if we'd like to stay in the flat.. hell no!!

Mrsyorkie Fri 17-Nov-17 11:47:05

I've had a couple of things happen whilst I've been on mat leave. A few weeks ago (don't remember the date but it was when Liar was on because I'd recorded it and was watching it back..) I came downstairs at 3am to express- I'd given my baby a bottle because he feeds for hours on end if I breastfeed but will settle with a bottle. I was expressing watching tv when the door to my conservatory slowly starting opening. I just say frozen watching it. I promptly stopped expressing and went back to bed!

I've got a video monitor for the baby and he was asleep in our room. I was pottering about upstairs so carrying the monitor screen with me and was just about to go into our room when he started rolling around. I thought, I'll wait a minute so I don't disturb him by opening the door. I saw what I can only describe as an orb... a white ball float very quickly from the top of the screen diagonally to the bottom and then he settled. I was a bit unsure about going in at first!

SequinRash Sat 18-Nov-17 01:34:11

Bumpity bump

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Sat 18-Nov-17 01:36:57

Lineys, please start a new thread. I just love MR James!

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Sat 18-Nov-17 01:48:44

mrsyorkie, I can only think of two explanations for what happened to you: wind and dust. 😂

LinoleumBlownapart Sat 18-Nov-17 02:32:59

Growing up my MIL lived on a farm with one house built next to the site of another, even older house. When MIL was little they used the old house for storage and as an out building. Both houses now belong to DH's auntie but she lives in the city. She uses the main house as a country retreat and the older one is sometimes rented out, but often just empty.

Anyway one morning when MIL was about 6 (1950's) they went into the older house and a section of the floorboards in the main room had been torn up in the night, leaving a big hole in the ground under the house, they assumed a previous owner had buried goods there as in the early part of the 20th century gangs of bandits would roam the region and rob farms, they thought someone knew there was something buried and either came looking for it or actually found it. DH's grandfather covered the hole, repaired the floorboards and bolted the door. After that they would often hear shuffling and banging coming from the house.

Recently we needed somewhere to store DS's drum kit so he and his friends could practice their band, so we put it in the old house. MIL had never shared the story before as she is very un-woo. The boys used the house for a while but kept saying they saw movements out of the corner of their eyes and started freaking each other out. Eventually they asked if they could move the drums to the school as they were getting uncomfortable in the old house. On the day they moved the drums they went back to do a final check and heard a door at the rear of the house shaking and banging. Apparently they all fled screaming and now refuse to go back. Only after this did DS tell MIL his story and she shared hers.

MissBax Sat 18-Nov-17 02:44:43

I was living with my DM when she moved into her current house 9 years ago. It was a brand new build that had just been built on the site of an old nursing home.
In the firat month of moving in her wall mirror that hanging on the wall was found on the floor 3 times. This was an internal wall and no windows had been left open so couldn't have been a breeze or anything. We would also get the strongest smell of mens aftershave on the upstairs landing withing the same time. Very strange. I have never been a woo person but even I thought it was very odd. There hadn't been anything since that firat month abd then about 6 months ago I was round at hers for a brew. Sat in the lounge, which extends outwards somewhat from the main part of the house so has its own section of roof if that makes sense. We heard this almighty bang above us, sounded as if a large piece of metal had hit the roof above the lounge. Checked the bedroom above, nothing. Went outside to see if something had fallen from the roof, nothing! A week after that I was pulling up in her driveway which faces the lounge and saw a white reflection pass the living room window as if it was between the house and the car but nothing was?? So weird. I still feel odd talking about those things as I'm normally such a cynic but I can't think of an explanation for any of them.

DiscoDeviant Sat 18-Nov-17 03:13:55

Four strange things happened after my mum died 15 years ago.

She died on the Friday and my grandad died on the Sunday. I was living in London but staying at the family home with my Dad. I had to go to the hospital with my Dad for my grandad. We got back about midnight and went to bed. About half an hour later the stereo downstairs turned itself on full blast. I ran downstairs and turned it off but it freaked me out.

The next morning the dresser drawers in the dining room were all open and there were photos of my Mum and her family and sisters on the floor. No one had been in there and it wasn't like it the night before when I went to bed.

A few weeks later my dad was sitting on the bench in the back garden when a lady appeared and sat next to him. She told him he'd lost his wife but he'd be okay. She also said things about me and my brother. She got up to leave and he'd realised she was a gypsy so said 'I'm sorry I don't have anything to give you' and she said 'I don't want anything, I just came to tell you you'll be okay' thing is. He knew the gate at the side of the house was locked as he'd only done it just before that.

Finally about a year after my mum died I was on the way home after a miserable Christmas at my dads with him and his new wife (he moved on alarmingly quickly in the end) my phone had died so I used my exH's. I went to call my friend but somehow called my Mums mobile. The next morning I got out of bed and on the footer found a parking ticket from the hospital my mum was in, from when she was in. It's not creepy because it's actually quite comforting but it is all very strange!

LineysRum Sat 18-Nov-17 08:26:21

I might start a new thread about the professor's papers just to write it all down. He was a very principled scientist (composition of minerals) struggling to make sense of a massive woo story that intersected with the story of his own childhood when he went looking. (He spent time in an orphanage.)

I'm thinking of re-tracing some of his search, tbh. Started with the online stuff.

SequinRash Sun 19-Nov-17 21:50:38

Bumping again, I'm shameless
Thank you all so far

ShovingLeopard Mon 20-Nov-17 00:47:23

Loving this thread! Lineys do tell, if you get the chance!

teabagsmummy Fri 01-Dec-17 15:48:00

I recorded my 9 month old crawling for the 1st time yesterday. I went to watch it later in the night and I can see orbs(I think)

AllTheWayDown Fri 08-Dec-17 11:36:10

I've never been a big believer of things like this until this happened to me.
My sister lived abroad for a bit with her then boyfriend and I was visiting her for a couple of weeks. It was just me and her in the house and she said she was going to do her tarot cards (I think) so I went up to take a shower. As I just got dressed I thought I heard someone shout my name so I called down to her but she didn't answer (the house was all open plan so she should have heard me) thought she must just be into her reading or whatever she was doing so carried on. I heard it again but it was a strange voice but still my sisters if that makes sense so I went downstairs and she was just staring at the cards. I asked if she was ok and when she looked up at me it was like she had a face over hers but I could still her hers. All I really remember is black eyes that were just.. empty but could see right into me and I just felt evil from them.
It felt like everything around me was spinning and I was frozen to the spot, couldn't physically move towards her or talk. She stood up from her chair and took a step towards me just as her boyfriend and his mum walked through the door, then everything went back to normal with my sister asking me what was going on. I explained to her but all she remembers is sitting at the table then next thing she was standing up. Her boyfriends Mum (also a big believer in this stuff) said she felt something leave the house as she walked in.

To this day that still gives me goosebumps when I think about it and my sister still doesn't remember a thing. I'm honestly just glad her boyfriend came back when he did!

ImListening Sun 10-Dec-17 10:50:46

I love stories like this please keep them coming!

I’ve told mine on here lots. My dd was very unwell when young. One night just before a fit she said to me grandad X (my deceased grandad) is here, tell him to go away I don’t want to go with him. She then had a fit!

Freaked me right out. Luckily after that she was diagnosed (very outing so not going to say) & has been fine on medication ever since!

Witchofthenorth Fri 15-Dec-17 13:18:05

The house I used to stay had loads of creepy things going on. Footsteps, running up and down the stairs, but the worst ones were when the kids saw things.

One of them that still gets me was when my then 3 year old daughter wouldn't go to sleep but she was so tired and upset and just wanted to shut her eyes. I asked why she wouldn't just close her eyes to sleep if she was tired to which she replied,

But they won't let me mummy, they keep asking me to play.

I asked who and she said the two boys. I thought she was just messing so I just called out into the bedroom "DD wants to sleep now and it's her bedtime so could you just let her sleep and come back to play tomorrow?" (I figured it was an imaginary friend)

After I said that, I watched her look to the bottom of her bedroom , saw the duvet move and follow somebody walk across her bedroom to the opposite wall.

That's just one of many shock

Whoateallthecheese Tue 19-Dec-17 20:50:36

Witch, that's given me goosebumps! Have you got some more?

Lindy2 Tue 19-Dec-17 21:10:52

A few days after my lovely nan passed away DH and I were woken suddenly in the middle of the night by the smoke alarm outside our bedroom going off. DH jumped out of bed and found a cloud of smoke on the landing. I remember him shouting out that there was loads of smoke and to quickly get up.
The smoke cleared really quickly though and we could not locate where it had come from at all. There was no fire and no windows were open for smoke to have come in from outside.
My lovely nan was a smoker (although she lived to age 92). I like to think that she came to us that night to say a final goodbye but accidentally set the smoke alarm off with her smoking!

ImogenTubbs Wed 27-Dec-17 03:38:33

We have been staying with DH's parents for Christmas. They live in an old detached cottage out in the countryside which can be a bit creepy at the best of times. MIL likes old toys and the stairs and landing up to the second floor (where we sleep with DD) are lined with dusty old teddies and dolls. DH and MIL both have stories about strange things that have happened up here.

On Christmas Eve I was up in the bedroom face timing my sister when the bedroom door behind me unlatched itself (the doors have those old fashioned latches on them). My sister saw it and said, "this is like watching Paranormal Activity!"

Anyway, a few minutes later DD was unsettled so I went into her room to tuck her in and make sure she was ok. I was just leaving the room and there was a loud thump. I turned around and a load of the books from the bookshelf by her bed had thrown themselves on the floor. It woke DD up. I'm sure they were just badly balanced and I had trodden on a floorboard that must have tipped the bookshelf, but the two things happening so close together did spook me! It's a creepy, creaky, draughty old house. They also have a problem with flies up here and we have to clean up dead flies from our room and DD's room every day.

Towelonthedoor Sun 07-Jan-18 09:40:19

I have one to add. A family member, who lived overseas, died very unexpectedly. We were close and spent time together when I went over. That night both me and dh were woken by an alarm, it sounded like a smoke alarm. We searched the house on every floor and every room. We could not find the alarm! We checked every device it could have come from, cooker, phone, smoke alarms, TVs, radios etc and never found where that alarm was coming from. We couldn't even work out which room is was coming from. Dh doesn't believe in woo at all and is very scientific but he said it could have been family member saying goodbye.

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