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Spider in face season

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thekettlewitch Mon 09-Oct-17 20:43:13

Is anyone else experiencing spider in face season at the moment? I've walked into 3 or 4 spiders Webb's in the last fortnight and got a spider in the face every time. I thought it was just me but I saw a newspaper article about it a couple of weeks ago. They seem to lie in wait for me at this time of year!!! Is it a London thing?? I'm sure it didn't happen when I was a kid.

Autumnchill Mon 09-Oct-17 20:57:07

Something fell on my face in the dark the other night in bed. I screamed, hit myself in the face several times, tried to turn the lamp on but it was the iPad cable, jumped out of bed, found the lamp cable, switched it on expecting some hairy black spider to be sat staring at me but no!

I shook the duvet, plumped the pillows, shook the duvet again, text the husband who laughed at me and then sat there with the light on for 15 minutes before I was brave enough to turn the light off!

I won't kill spiders but I hate them!

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