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Something weird happened tonight

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Mustang27 Sun 11-Jun-17 21:17:57

I went to put fresh bedding on and had to unbutton every single one of the buttons before being able to put my duvet into it confused.

I am the only one that strips the beds, does the laundry and puts the bedding back on. I'm so confused it's a huge super king brushed cotton bed sheet with really annoying buttons to do and undo plus I have carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia so I'd never make extra work for myself. It would be near impossible to pull the duvet cover out of the bed sheet without undoing all of the buttons.

It had been tumbled dried then I just went up stairs to put it straight on the bed. There is no way iv done these buttons up at any point so I either have a very clever tumble dryer or well I dunno.....

What weird unexplained things have happened to you?

mynameislolita Sun 11-Jun-17 21:20:02

oh thats weird op not really got anything to add but defonatlty watching with intrest

rebeccajayneh1992 Sat 24-Jun-17 04:38:36

My father passed when I was 13 and when I have seen a medium they have always told me funny things I can't explain is my dad messing with me which makes sense because of his personality,if anyone close to you has died and would like to make a joke you should know its them and feel comfort in there presence.. it helps me a lot still 11 years later and it still hurts so if you have lost someone I am so sorry I know the pain you feel xx

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