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Just had my first GHOSTLY experience?!?

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ilovechoc1987 Thu 27-Apr-17 18:39:52

I was just stood at my oven stirring dinner when suddenly the atmosphere behind me changed, there was a shadow over the food and I thought someone was behind me...I thought maybe my partner had got home from work, and crept up on me..but no one was there???.

Iv never experienced anything like this??!
It was a definite feeling that a physical body was behind me.

Anyone ever experienced the same?

LilQueenie Sat 29-Apr-17 14:15:21

I have felt a presence quite a few times.

liz70 Wed 10-May-17 18:56:14

Not exactly that, but I've been visited by a person in spirit for the past eleven years, and last month I actually felt their physical presence for the first time.

I was sitting up in bed late one night, reading an ebook on my tablet. I was wearing pyjamas and had the duvet pulled up to my chest, so the edge of it was covering my elbows IYSWIM.

I felt a distinct, unmistakeable pressure on the bed, over the duvet, just by my right thigh, as if someone were leaning in towards me, then four or five nudges, again through the duvet, on the bottom of my right forearm. It felt exactly as if someone were there, doing as I've just described, only there was noone or nothing to be seen.

I've read about other people experiencing similar, but this was the first time I had. I wasn't fazed because I knew who it was, and I've had umpteen experiences of visits by this person over the years, in various forms. I'd spoken to them (I know exactly who it is, just keeping things anonymous) a few days previously, and I usually get some form of communication after that. This was a new one, though.

DH works in a really hard core field of science (engineering), but he's known me for 22 years now, and he knows he don't make stories up.

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