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What to make of this? I dunno, but I'm open to listen

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MaureenMLove Thu 07-Jul-16 18:57:56

So, bit of background. Woman I have worked closely with for 7 years, is very spiritual, as is her mum. Mum is apparently very switched on to the after life. Woman knows plenty about my personal life, as you would having working together for so long.

We're having a particularly hard time at work the last few weeks and she shouted at me yesterday to calm down, because I'd make myself ill again. (Was in bed bed all of last weekend with horrendous 2 day migraine and throwing up because of work stress) Totally in context, she was so right and last night I text her to thank her for giving me a reality check!

Anyway, this morning she came in and said that when she replied to my text, her mum told her she was feeling me and I needed to take care of my stomach/womb area? She actually said Fallopian tubes! Odd? To start with, I haven't got any! Lady I work with knows that, but I don't believe she'd have discussed that with her mum! The reasons for not having them are years old and before we worked together, but have been discussed at some point.

Caught me a bit of guard tbh! I'd love to believe, I'm open to anything, but through a telephone line? Could it be possible to 'feel' me?

Just to add, I had to go to the dentist today with bad tooth ache. The medication the dentist gave me was for gum pain and amongst other things gynaecological issues!

What would you think?

apatheticfallacy Thu 07-Jul-16 19:04:11

I'd think she's pleasantly bonkers smile

MaureenMLove Thu 07-Jul-16 20:35:52

Jolly good, my thought too! As I said, I'm open to these things and have often found myself wanting something a bit woohoo to happen to me, but just not enough evidence for me! I don't want to belittle it, by laughing about it, because she and her mum clearly believe, but I just can't!

I mean, through a mobile telephone network! I've never even met her mum!

Makes you wonder though. My stomach is about the only part of my body that doesn't hurt for one reason or another!

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