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WANTED AD: Lightworkers needed for new project

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elfycat Sat 25-Jun-16 15:36:29

Role aim: To help negate the negativity of the world and alleviate fear.

Hours: Full time with lots of overtime. Part-time and family friendly hours can be discussed.

Salary: Monetary? £0 per annum.

Personal requirements: Be kind and thoughtful, to yourself as well as others.

This role will involve trying to spread a little kindness and compassion to all. After the recent vote (UK) and with the election due in USA there is a lot of negative statements against other people being made. This creates fear and anger in people; in those who are speaking and those who are listening. You will be responsible for your own behaviour and actions. Ultimately you will be reporting to yourself.

The role does not require a belief in any higher life forms, gods, angels, powers, crystals, aliens, or that Elvis is alive. Prayers, candle lighting, meditations or similar activities are welcome by those who wish to add these to their work. Random acts of kindness should be considered whenever appropriate.

To anyone who loves a metaphor - it is always darkest before the dawn. Some people are clearly in this darkness and there is a palpable despair. We can be the ones to hold a hand while we wait. We believe the sun will rise.

Disclaimer: As MNHQ would say, please do not give any more of yourself time or money, or indeed of energy, than you can afford.

I need to work on the advert but I'm more of a 'write the first draft and then hand it over for experts to pull apart' kind of person. Anyone interested in the role? Or any improvements to the advert - HR people or otherwise.

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