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I've been dreaming of the same person for a decade

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Roversandrhodes Sat 14-May-16 11:55:25

I'm 26 and over the last ten years or so ,I can't really remember it's probably just as far back as I can remember tbh,I've been having dreams about the same person.Its someone I went to school with and was good friends with between the age of about 8-11.We never used to hang out just me and him maybe 3 of us or in a group and we went to each other's houses etc ,just normal primary school friends .We went to the same secondary school too but didn't hang around together anymore ,just spoke in passing etc .I think I did probably fancy him a bit at some stage and we probably said we were 'going out' at one point but obviously it was just kids stuff as we were about ten lol !
Anyway for literally years I've been having periods where I will have dreams of this person,very detailed,long dreams were we're usually romantically involved shall we say but I've never dreamt we've had sex or anything I don't think anyway .
.I don't usually think dreams mean anything and I don't even think about him usually Well only after I've had a dream about him .Ive never seen him since I left school and don't have him on social media.
Do other people experience this too,or is it just me?Some mornings I wake up and wish he'd do one lol ,others I quite enjoy it lol .I don't know if it's something about reverting back to a happy period in your life or just absolutely random .

0phelia Mon 16-May-16 23:16:00

I have dreams that include ex boyfriends from years ago, who I'd never think of while awake.

Your psyche has probably stuck with the image of this person as a default to represent a generic companion in your dreams, like a familiar song.

It's quite common for people to never dream of their spouse, but instead they dream of random famous people or people from the past, who appear in dreamform as their spouce.

You can interpret the dream in exactly the same way by taking the person to simply mean "generic companion" while all other elements of the dream are more worthy of noting explicitly.

summer2haze Fri 02-Dec-16 00:04:20

I've been dreaming the same person for 14 years. We've been out of touch. During that time, I saw him a total of three times (last time - 7 years ago), always in company of other people and we talked briefly each time, just normal civility among former colleagues.

6 months ago I finally told him - I called him, he gave me his e-mail, and I wrote to him telling him about the dreams. I turned out I love him and so does he. Both of us thought we are incompatible and nothing between us is possible, but he is the most amazing guy I know.

WeDoNotSow Sat 03-Dec-16 22:32:58

Aww, please tell me he'd been having dreams of you too summer

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