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Déjà vu? Ever experienced it?

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DeadPooled Wed 24-Feb-16 13:17:24

I was recently in a new country for the first time and experienced this. I was in a petrol station and everything played out like I had seen it before. It was the weirdest thing.

Anyone else? I love hearing about things like this.

jimpam Wed 24-Feb-16 13:35:02

It is weird isn't it? I experience it every couple of months. Always pretty mundane things too! People say it's just a trick of your brain but when you're in the moment experiencing it it feels really real, very strange.

MidnightVelvetthe5th Wed 24-Feb-16 13:40:46

Yes I have it, it also brings with it an overpowering nausea that makes me think I'm just going to lean over & vomit on the floor. I can't control it but something pokes me straight in the brain with a red hot wire & I connect the moment with a dream I've always had previously. They're not dreams I remember until the actual moment but then can remember the rest of the dream. I can't really explain it well, its odd. But I don't think I've lived it before, I've just seen it or lived it in a dream, maybe months previously & then suddenly it comes back.

Ormally Fri 15-Apr-16 23:36:55

Yes, in dreams. I've done a number of driving tests, very spaced out. For one, I dreamed the night before I would fail on account of a fire engine thundering past at speed and descending from behind. It happened within a couple of minutes of leaving the test centre, I pulled over but possibly not fast enough, and failed immediately. I wasn't particularly freaked out by it, just annoyed.

The strangest thing I had though wasn't quite like this. I was looking for a reasonably hard to find piece of sheet music. It is the sort of piece that could be in various guises (ie different voices, chorus, etc) and I was in a huge 2nd hand bookshop, the type that is stuffed from floor to ceiling. The music room was comparatively small but a lot of the sheet stuff was piled horizontally, i.e. no spines etc visible, and mostly no more than a few pages thick. I got in and looked round from the doorway and just thought completely definitely 'Oh, well, it's in that bit over there'. It was a shelf of a bookcase fairly near floor level, pile of old papers looking very much like each other, and it was indeed in this pile, the voice version I needed. Couldn't possibly have seen the cover previously as other stuff was on top of it. No idea how I did this but was completely sure it was to be found there. I didn't visualise the appearance of the booklet either, but it was there.

MaisieDotes Fri 15-Apr-16 23:39:01

Yes I get it quite often. Although less as I've got older, now that I come to think about it.

Apparently it's just one part of your brain working a milli-second behind or something boring like that.

n0ne Sun 17-Apr-16 08:06:53

Yep déja vu, and déja vu of déja vu where I feel like this is the third or more time of being in that specific situation. Really weird.

bakingaddict Sun 17-Apr-16 08:42:58

Had deja vu for a whole day once I honestly felt like it was a Groundhog Day so so weird. In the evening I had my first grand mal seizure and on the basis of my preceeding deja vu was later diagnosed as having temporal lobe epilepsy

Littleoakhorn Sun 20-Nov-16 05:51:18

I get deja vu when my sleep is very interrupted, such as when the dc are sleeping badly. So I assume it's just my brain getting things muddled.

0phelia Mon 28-Nov-16 07:37:14

I get it once in a while, and the feeling of being here / seeing this before is so genuine isn't it.
Sometimes I'm sure I get de ja vu of a de ja vu.. like I've even de ja vu'd it before too. So weird.

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