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Coincidence... Or fate?

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cupcakelovinggirl Sat 07-Nov-15 11:11:04

I love a spooky thread but I would love to hear about strange coincidences that have happened to people.. My one is that when I got married in some far village in the middle of nowhere the lady wedding organiser had the exact same name as my soon to be MIL spelling it the same way too (it's an unusual spelling). But hey that's not great I want to hear some really weird ones..

OnTheEdgeToday Tue 10-Nov-15 22:19:48

My sister is a few years older than her husband. Our mum and my brother in laws mum grew up on the same street.
My mum sold her pram to my brother in laws mum and she used it for him.
So my sister and her husband shared the same pram as babies.

During childhood, they (sis and bil) grew up in different towns. Never met until teenagers. My mum and his mum were never 'friends' they just grew up on the same street.

chelle792 Tue 10-Nov-15 22:24:10

I got married on Saturday. My married name is now the same as my nan's maiden name. It's like full circle. Nan loves it grin

WiIdfire Tue 10-Nov-15 22:28:54

I discovered that my boyfriend (now husband, we'll call him Andy) had shared a house with a guy I had had a brief 'thing' with (we'll call him Bob). Completely different circle of friends. Andy told me the story of how his housemate was 'heartbroken by some bitch who left him for another guy' and I had to admit that was me, and I had left him for (lets call him) Chris (again, no friend circle or geographical link). Bob then completely unknowingly, years later, invited Chris to his wedding, as Chris was dating a mutual friend. I'm not sure if Bob ever found out it was Chris that he had been dumped for.

squidzin Wed 11-Nov-15 08:07:56

I hardly ever have co-incidences, except for this one flat I moved into. It was a friend from school's boyfriend's flat in a neighbouring town! (We moved and he did the viewing. I had never met him and had no idea who he was lol).

Anyway, in this flat, we met the two lads upstairs then a few days later one of the upstairs lads and I bumped into each both working for my Dad's company in a different town then were assigned to the same team (holiday job)!

One of the lads moved out, and a girl moved in who had my same first name, and then it tutned out she worked as one of my boyfriend's collegues!

It was the flat of coincidences.

Another time, not sure if this was coincide or sheer luck but I was really into this band, quite obscure, a small "cult" following not well known at all. Anyway I got a job in a bar, and one of the regulars was a musician in this band! I was star struck and we ended up forming a relationship and I got to go around with them to gigs and festivals etc and the backstage stuff that was great. Shame he ended up being a wanker lol.

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