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Time for another spooky stories thread?

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Hotpatootietimewarp Sat 26-Sep-15 13:51:46

I know how much I enjoyed reading previous scary story threads so thought I'd start another and start with my own.

Now I always thought I had imagined this but after meeting up with my sister last week and getting on to this found out she remembers this too.

We both had a friend in the village who lived in a long house with an old barn out back, looked fairly normal had a ladder in the middle which took you up to the top level and the roof had a roof light window in it. Anyway this friend told us it was haunted and we thought she was having us on until she knocked on the door and an almighty bang answered, this kept happening. Then once it had stopped stuff started flying out of the roof window! Old sacks and old stove kettles etc! We were so scared but went in and no one was in there just totally empty. We then went in the house and said to friends mum and she said it must have been her dad but her dad was in the living room!

Needless to say I've never forgotten this and my sister obviously hasn't either.

So now I've started anyone else want to add any??

originalusernamefail Sat 26-Sep-15 14:06:21

Oooh, yes please! I love love love these threads.

Muckogy Sat 26-Sep-15 14:39:09

place-marking grin

Katedotness1963 Sat 26-Sep-15 14:49:19

For a couple of years we lived in Sardinia. The TV reception was really bad and it often went out leaving you looking at a blue screen.

One night I was in the flat on my own (2 floors up) when the TV went out again. As I sat there staring at the blue screen in the hopes it would only be off a couple of minutes I noticed movement behind me. On the screen I could see my reflection and behind me an old man walked across the room. He had dark trousers and old fashioned collarless shirt and a sleeveless waistcoat/cardigan thing. Thinning dark hair and a bit stooped over.

There was a flat below us and a restaurant below that but our place had it's own entrance, there were only three rooms and as we were high up there's no way it was the reflection of someone outside.

TheWoodenSpoonOfMischief Sat 26-Sep-15 14:51:46

I might have posted this before but I'll write it down again.

When dd was 2 weeks old, her weight dropped so I was asked to have an overnight stay at the hospital so they could monitor her.
I was given a private room and dd co slept with me so I lay her on the bed next to the wall.
During the middle of the night, I needed to use the loo so I left dd on the bed and went to use the loo.
When I came back, I got to my room and peered in through the window just to make doubly sure that it was my room.
I saw a little boy in blue pyjamas sitting on the bed looking down across the bed. I was taken aback and confused as I was sure that was my room.
I checked the number on the door, it was definitely my room. I walked in.
There was no boy but dd was laying exactly where the boy had been looking.
I didn't feel scared. I just felt like he was looking over her while she was on her own. I can still remember what he looked like and the little sailboats on his pyjamas.

Katedotness1963 Sat 26-Sep-15 14:55:58

A friends story... I hope she was pulling my leg!

Friend lived in a flat in a Scottish city. She told me the flat was haunted by a wee boy and he actually spoke to her. She worked late hours and when she got home she would go to bed and read for a while to relax. If she read too long a wee voice would say "gonnae turn the light oot, friends name?" Things got moved around, she'd put her keys on the coffee table and find them on the bedroom shelf.

Eventually the day came when she was moving out (how she stuck it out, I do not know). The van was all packed up and she was having a last look about. She was standing in the kitchen and said "well, that's me off now then" and as she finished talking the glass in the oven door shattered all over the room...

MamaLazarou Sat 26-Sep-15 15:58:02

I have told this on here before...

When we moved to this house, DS had just turned two, and, like most two-year-olds, was a proper little pickle, especially at bedtimes.

It's a very tiny two-bedroomed terraced house. One night, about a week after we'd moved in, DH and I were on the upstairs landing trying to persuade DS into the bath. He was mucking us about, standing behind his bedroom door, refusing to come out.

The door then opened, and We both saw DS crawl out of his room, scamper across the landing, into put bedroom and under the bed. We both followed him, saying things like, 'Right, you little beastie, you're in trouble now' but when I bent down to catch him, he wasn't under the bed.

We looked at each other like confused and went back to DS's room. He was sitting there, happily, playing with his toys.

We just looked at each other like this shock and couldn't speak for a while.

A couple of other weird things happened shortly after we'd moved in but we've been here for nearly four years now and nothing odd has happened since then.

MamaLazarou Sat 26-Sep-15 15:58:57

Into OUR bedroom, not put!

SilverNightFairy Sat 26-Sep-15 16:17:37

This happened to me very recently. I was walking through our local cemetery, enjoying the lovely fall weather. My knee began to ache a bit, so I sat on a bench under a huge tree to rest a bit. I must have fallen asleep as I woke from a sharp tap on my shoulder and a "WAKE UP" in my left ear. I jumped up, very startled and looked around. I was very much alone in this ancient place, not a person in sight. I did a quick step out of the gates and into the closest coffee shop for a nice relaxing cup. Wonder if some spirit took offence to my sneaky late afternoon nap...

TittyBiskwits Sat 26-Sep-15 16:44:55

Love these threads. Got nothing to add, but blatant place marking.

SirChenjin Sat 26-Sep-15 16:53:03

I have a couple, but this is the quickest to type (although the other one is bloody brilliant!). Mum and dad were on holiday a few years back staying in a hotel in the hills. Mum woke up in the morning to find the room filled with mist/steam/something. She thought she or dad had left the hot tap running which had filled the room with steam, so went to turn it off. No running tap. Then she thought that one of them had left the balcony doors open and it was mist or fog, so went to shut the doors - which were closed. Checked outside in the corridor - all clear.

She mentioned it to the hotel owner later in the day who was most surprised and interested - the original hotel which stood on the site burned down some years previously.

ToadsJustFellFromTheSky Sat 26-Sep-15 17:37:08

Not really spooky, just odd and a bit unsettling at the time it happened.

When I was 10 I had two very vivid dreams on two consecutive nights. In the first one I was on a plane and I, along with all the other passengers, just knew it was going to crash into a building. I was crying and trying to find my parents but I couldn't find them. Everyone was panicking and I could feel the plane getting lower and lower and more out of control. Then it crashed into a building as I knew it would and I woke up.

In the second dream I was in my bedroom and it was getting dark outside. I just knew that a plane was going to crash into my house and I was frantically trying to open my bedroom door but it wouldn't budge. I was crying out for my parents but they didn't answer. I then heard the plane approaching and I could see it through my bedroom window. Then it crashed and I woke up.

The September 11 attacks were about a week later.

I'm sure it was just a coincidence but it really freaked me out.

Hotpatootietimewarp Sat 26-Sep-15 17:41:32

These are fab! Keep them coming!

BigRedBall Sat 26-Sep-15 17:43:55

This happened 2 days ago. We were sitting in the living room and we heard glasses clink on the dining room table. It made me and dd jump. We got up off the sofa and looked at the table and there was nothing on the table that could have made that sound. Then a few mins later we heard a knock from the cupboard under the stairs. I wouldn't be scared, but my dd often tells me she hears knocking from that cupboard and I don't believe her. Now I do.

Hotpatootietimewarp Sat 26-Sep-15 17:46:55

Sir chenjin - if you feel up to it feel free to tell us the other!

My sister told me she used to get these feelings about things one I remember most was her telling me her and her partner going out for meal and her having this awful feeling and just wanting to eat and leave as quickly as possible, not long after they left the restaurant was robbed! That is quite creepy but she says she hasn't had anything like that lately.

I've had that thing a couple times where you're jolted awake by someone saying your name but no ones there anyone else had that?

Also I remember another of these threads where a poster and her partner had stayed at a farmhouse and the partner had seen something in the wash house does anyone remember that? Did she ever say what it was?

Hotpatootietimewarp Sat 26-Sep-15 17:47:41

Bigredball - see now that creeps me right out, too many scary films I think though grin

shutupanddance Sat 26-Sep-15 17:53:11


HelenaDove Sat 26-Sep-15 17:55:17

I was on holiday in Italy in 1977 I was four. We were visiting family. I remember playing outside. It was bakingly hot. There was an outside toilet beside the house. with a glass panel at the top. I remember a hand banging on the glass panel ...a right hand and yet there was a gold wedding band on the ring finger of that hand. The next thing i remember is feeling scared and running falling over and scraping my knee. I then remember sitting on my grans lap. I cannot remember whether i opened the toilet door or not.

Years and years later i did some googling and found a guy who was in trouble with the Mafia went missing in the surrounding area. Plus there is the fact that there was a time when there were a lot of kidnappings in that area.

And as ive always lived in the UK i didnt realise until googling that some Italian men do wear their wedding bands on the right hand.

MamaLazarou Sat 26-Sep-15 18:01:52

Sorry, hotpatootie but if you mean the story with the snow and the camping pods and the owners 'Tristan and Molly', that story turned out to be fiction.

KathyBeale Sat 26-Sep-15 18:07:06

Another one marking. I'm on a train on my own and almost did a fist pump with joy when I saw this thread!

NantucketNightbird Sat 26-Sep-15 18:13:15

Mama shock but she retold the story of them many times! When was it all proven to be false?

PontyGirl Sat 26-Sep-15 18:14:00

A friend of mine is followed by something. She's v no-nonsense and tbh it is because she and her partner are both experiencing it and so matter-of-fact about it that I believe in that sort of thing more than ever.

It started when she was young, a dark figure next to her bed and has continued to every place she's lived - shouting, pulling the covers off them both, things moved and knocked over, slamming doors, creating louds bangs, footsteps, running up and down the stairs etc etc

HelenaDove Sat 26-Sep-15 18:14:36

WoodenSpoon that made me well up a bit.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Sat 26-Sep-15 18:16:59

I've told this one before but I'll tell it again. grin

My very good friend, who is of completely sound mind, does a bit of hairdressing for some of the old ladies in her village. One day she was cutting a lady's hair in the kitchen of the lady's house when she saw a little girl in the doorway at the other end of the room. She only saw her for a second, was busy cutting hair or something. She asked the lady if she had a granddaughter staying with her because she'd just seen a little girl. The lady said oh no, that's our ghost, don't worry, she's very friendly. shock

My friend said she wasn't scared, she's a bit woo herself, but she did keep looking over her shoulder. grin

Sgtmajormummy Sat 26-Sep-15 18:25:14

We were in the process of buying our first house (in Italy) and I'd given up my flat 2 weeks before we got the keys. A kind neighbour said we could use her cottage in the meantime.

The last time it had been properly lived in was during WW2 and the Nazis had carried out a massacre in that village, shooting ten civilians in retaliation for each soldier killed by the Resistance fighters.
After the war, the family had used it as a Summer house but it was still very basic with camp beds, basic lighting and an outside toilet.

One morning I was lying awake and looked to my side. Standing above me, completely calm with a "Why aren't you up and helping?" expression on her face was a young woman wearing a headscarf, wide skirt and a shawl crossed over her chest which tied behind her back.
We looked at each other for about ten seconds, with no fear or uneasiness, then I turned to shake DH awake. When I turned back, she'd gone.

I got the feeling we were being made welcome as the first non-family to have slept in that house for fifty years, as if time had "slipped" and we were both very much alive in our own times.

I also hope she was not one of the thirty killed in the "rappresaglie".

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