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Could this be a visitation dream?

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missqwerty Sat 02-May-15 10:57:46

My dad died 6 month ago, I feel I have fully grieved and healed. I miss him but I like to believe he's not gone, but in the afterlife.

Lately I have been struggling with anxiety, but for the first time I found self help that really works. I'm facing the anxiety head on and feel free from it really.

Last night I was waking up from my sleep, that sort of in between place where you are lucid and aware your in your bed. I wasn't actually dreaming anything visual at all, just totally lucid that I was asleep and I had my conscious mind totally. I started hearing my dad singing a song that's very meaning full, I thought this is a lovely dream so I tried to manipulate the dream ro sing another song I loved him to sing. All of a sudden I was interupted with him shouting my name twice, then saying listen to me love, your going to make it. I felt this knowing that I wasn't dreaming this and I knew exactly what he was referring to- my 10 year struggle with anxiety. I felt extreme love and shouted Dad and then woke up. It's so bizzare and hard to explain as I was speaking to him but it almost felt telepathically.

Has anybody experienced similar? I know it sounds bizzare and my rational mind does question it but it seemed so real and vivid!!

Yeasayer Sat 09-May-15 11:10:19

I've experienced something similar. My Dad passed away 10 yrs ago, & I had lots of crazy dreams (mainly ones where he hadn't actually died & I'd got rid of all his belongings and sold his house (I was the executor of the estate)).

Anyway one night I had dreamt that my phone (an old Nokia I had given to my Dad) was ringing, the screen was flashing but no number showed. When I answered it I heard my dad's voice (although he sounded millions of miles away), he just told me he loved me and he was ok. I felt instantly calmed and reassured.

I'm not sure I really believe in an 'afterlife' but this has always stayed with me. I like the idea though and if it's bought you comfort then that can only be a good thing?

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