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Anyone else like a mystery?

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EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:00:22

The case of Elisa Lam fascinates me.

The poor girl obviously went through "something" before her death. She was found in the rooftop water tank above a LA hotel. Her clothes were never found, the CCTV is creepy and her family will likely never have the answers sad

What do you make of it? Any mysteries that also fascinate you?

greyhoundgymnastics Mon 22-Sep-14 18:07:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Didyouevah Mon 22-Sep-14 18:08:17

Oh my goodness! That's incredible!

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:12:53

Oh grey, do you have a link to the full story?

greyhoundgymnastics Mon 22-Sep-14 18:13:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

greyhoundgymnastics Mon 22-Sep-14 18:13:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:14:18

It looks like she is hallucinating in the video - but tests came back negative for any drugs!

greyhoundgymnastics Mon 22-Sep-14 18:17:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SnakeyMcBadass Mon 22-Sep-14 18:20:04

Blatant place marking.

As you were.

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:22:29

Thanks grey!

lolalotta Mon 22-Sep-14 18:23:03

Spooky! Poor girl!

misstiredbuthappy Mon 22-Sep-14 18:26:15

Place marking smile

Id like to know a bit more about the bermuda triangle, its just odd. ive read to much crap online

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:27:04

Anyone got any theories?

WeAreGroot Mon 22-Sep-14 18:28:40

I find stuff like that absolutely fascinating, I can lose hours reading Unresolved Mysteries on Reddit.

The mystery surrounding the death of Mitrice Richardson is intriguing but very sad and disturbing.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Mon 22-Sep-14 18:30:14

The McStay story reminds me of another mysterious family disappearance I've read about. I can't remember their name but they went missing on a mountain and their bodies were found some time later. Their dog was found alive but near starved to death and their family maintain that a photo of the young daughter found on the family's camera was not taken by her parents.

spiderlight Mon 22-Sep-14 18:30:32

That video in the lift is creepy as fuck!!!

BeachyKeen Mon 22-Sep-14 18:31:00

There was a famous case of a couple disappearing in my home town. They were middle aged, married, with almost grown kids. They had been at their cottage, food out on the table, all normal looking, but their boat was gone. No sign of the boat, of them, or anything. It was as if they vanished.
For 50 years it remained unsolved.
There were numerous theories about it. Some said he killed her, and did a runner. Some said they must have drowned, but there was never, ever a sign of debris or remains or anything. People said they had been recently threatened, and had been kidnapped. There were even rumours about alien abductions!
A few years ago, the police were able to get a real good sonar side scanner, and were able to search areas of the lake not covered before.
They were found, right beside each other still in the boat, on the bottom of the lake.
It was then believed that they had been out and had engine trouble, and that the boat was swamped by waves.
It was sad, but sort of beautiful too, because they got to remain together always.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 22-Sep-14 18:32:26

I do love this sort of stuff......though obviously tragic that people have died. So not that bit, just the weirdness of stuff.

dyatlov pass

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:32:30

Groot, you have just provided me with a lifetime of mystery! Thank you!

Sad story Beachy sad

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:33:06

Viva, I have read about that one before! So intriguing!

Gumnast2014 Mon 22-Sep-14 18:34:29

Beaumont children

LemonDrizzleTwunt Mon 22-Sep-14 18:36:43

Her hands moving so weirdly make me go all goose-pimply, and then I have to stop the video! confused

furcoatbigknickers Mon 22-Sep-14 18:39:02

Very sad. Although that is a very dodgy sounding place, she looks unwell or on something but pm said not.

EverythingIsAwesome Mon 22-Sep-14 18:40:22

I have read about the Beaumont children, so sad for their parents to never find out sad

BornOfFrustration Mon 22-Sep-14 18:40:25

I'm too wimpy to watch the video, seen too many where someone screams at you at the end.

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