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Horse-riding party for inexperienced 7 year old

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cedmonds Wed 12-Jun-13 17:23:40

Try orchard cottage or wildwood a I know they both do pony parties.

MrsCornish Mon 10-Jun-13 20:59:59

I'm afraid we did something else in the end. Swimming i think, so I can't help. Good luck!

ItsMeNow Mon 10-Jun-13 20:33:41

LovelyDear, planning to do something similar for my 7 yr old DD. Do you recommend LongShaw at Chipstead? What was your experience?

LovelyDear Mon 21-Jun-10 01:30:50

thanks again. chipstead looks ideal. i'll give then a ring.

MitchyInge Sun 20-Jun-10 09:22:22

I'm quite good at pony parties if I do say so myself - pity you're not near us.

With enough leaders you can do pretty much anything, after the prettiest/glitteriest pony competition (they had half an hour and lots of help to paint hooves and decorate ponies with glitter gel) we had a mini-gymkhana and then a treasure hunt. Instead of party bags they had to ride round looking for clues and find their own prizes (this is because I forgot the party bags but had loads of THINGS for the children).

I also forgot food and cake, but that's why God invented McDonalds?

LisaD1 Sat 19-Jun-10 19:43:25

How about Kingston Riding Centre? Not been there for years myself but as it's big they may be able to use a few different ponies so the kids get longer?

ilovestrictly Sat 19-Jun-10 14:41:48

Our daughter had her party at Longshaw Riding School and Stables in Chipstead (not far from the A217). They all had a fantastic time, "look at".

LovelyDear Sun 13-Jun-10 01:12:19

your description sounds great - i'll certainly make some calls. by meatier, well the city farm option really just gives each child a very short stroll (not the technical term i'm sure!) on a little pony. the upside is you can invite 25 kids and each can have a turn, the downside is that my dd wouldn't get as much personal horse-contact as she'd like.

seeker Sun 13-Jun-10 01:03:23

The best thing to do is ring round all the local stables and ask what they do. At ours we do a fab party package, where everybody grooms and pritifies a pony,(with lots of glittter spray!) then has a ride then tea then home. One of the main attractions for the little girls is the gang of big girls who help them and lead the ponies - it tends to turn into a mutual admiration society! What do you mean by "meatier"?

LovelyDear Sun 13-Jun-10 00:42:16

We are a non-horse-riding family in SW London. DD (6) has ridden once, and is obsessed with the idea of a birthday party where everyone gets to ride. I know that Deen City Farm in Morden offer rent of a party space where you do your own thing and the children can each have a brief pony ride, but I think she'd like something a bit more meaty. Can anyone suggest a riding school in Surrey - i'm thinking Epsom type area - where total beginners can enjoy a horsey experience without me spending a total fortune?

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