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Best PVC jodhpur boots for kids with wide feet?

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I need to buy these online and get them sent out to us overseas otherwise they cost me £50 equivalent here! Can you recommend a brand for my dd who has wide feet? She is currently about a 12/12.5, should I go up a whole size?


Pixel Tue 10-Nov-09 17:02:32

Hi Themaster, I'm not sure I can be much help. Ds has wide feet so I did order a size bigger to be on the safe side and they seem to be ok. There aren't any markings on them to tell me what brand they are and I can't remember now! I did get them from Robinsons Country Leisure and the lady in the sales dept. was very helpful when I spoke to her. They aren't PVC but were one of their 'budget' brands, not expensive.

seeker Tue 10-Nov-09 17:10:07

My dd has very wide feet and high insteps and always has these in her normal size. They are very comfortable and hard wearing too, and easy to get on because of the zips.

seeker Tue 10-Nov-09 17:11:38

Just noticed how little your dd is - I didn't check whether the ones I linked to come teeny weeny.

<seeker gets all soppy about teeny weeny jodhpur boots.....>

<snort> at her being teeny weeny. grin

They will be her first pair of boots, she's been in wellies until now!

Thanks both of you, I will get these and go up a size I think to a 1 and if they are too big she can just wear extra thick socks can't she?

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