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super stretchy jodhpurs (obviously you don't get maternity ones!)

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horseymum Tue 06-Oct-09 14:31:01

I thinking ahead in case I need jodhs to accommodate a bump in the future. (not pregnant yet!) Previous pregnancies have seen me stuck with one pair of Robinsons thermal jodhs with an elastic waist which were not that great - too short for a start and not that comfy. Anybody found any others that have an elastic waist? I have seen the tottie ones but not sure i want 'tottie' emblazoned across a backside that would would be getting bigger anyway!!

GothMummy Tue 06-Oct-09 16:19:29

Hi there

Cotton Comfort are very stretchy (I wore them through to 30 weeks) and I have seen some in Robinsons catalogue (or was it Rideaway?) that have an expandable waist!

I did read in a horsey mag once someone complaining about the lack of maternity riding clothes but I have never seen any that actually are designed for the purpose.

My friend did grade C showjumping till 32 weeks with her jacket only done up on one button!!!

horseymum Tue 06-Oct-09 19:41:54

hi thanks, I will have a look at the cotton comfort ones. I saw the ones in Robinsons but thought though the waist was expandable I don't know about the zip so you would have a funny gap at top of zip iyswim?. I also found when breast feeding i couldn't do up my show jacket and had to do a BHS exam! I just had to squeeze it closed for the important bits!

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