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Re: routine for new pony

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mummydoc Fri 25-Sep-09 10:17:04

new pony coming home at weekend after 2 weeks at schooling yard were he has done brilliantly, completely settled , had pony osteopath see him - he had sore back probably due to heavy adults riding him to get him sale ready ! the yard are taking him to a show at hte weekend and i am gogin along to watch and pcik him up - cannot wait. so now need abit of help planning a routine . basically he is a sec 1 11.1 gelding, bought for my dd2 who is just turining 5, she has just started learning. he is on full livery . I have worke dout over the winter she will ride him for a lesson on friday afternoon and go to pony club or hack out on sat . the livery includes 3 x a week lead out with hunters they are exercising. Do you htink i shodl try ot find someone to ride him a bit in the eweek aswell? it would have to be very light weight adult or small competant jockey ? i am worried he will forget all trainng and be tricky for us at hte weekend ? can any of you pony gurus plana ashcedule /routine for me ...thanks

mummydoc Fri 25-Sep-09 10:43:25

what dreadful typing - sorry should say he ia a sec A. add to above also aquestion ofr all you who have LR and FYFR M+M and WHP 's any good websites for getting small tack ? and show clothes - nearly fainted at cost of kids jackets on pretty pony website...

Pixel Fri 25-Sep-09 14:52:57

How lovely, I bet your dd is going mad with excitement smile. I personally wouldn't buy a saddle off the internet as I'm a bit of a fanatic for getting them properly fitted by an expert, especially if the pony has had treatment on his back. For everything else though, the websites I can think of offhand are Robinsons Country Leisure, Shires equestrian, Derby House, um, sure I'll think of some more in a mo! For budget stuff there's Decathlon, I haven't bought anything from them but they seem to have a good selection at reasonable prices.
Don't suppose you happen to live near Brighton? Only there is a new shop opened, I had a nosey the other day and they have a great selection of 'pre-owned' childrens' riding gear, including show jackets.
Otherwise, I guess Ebay will be your new

Pixel Fri 25-Sep-09 14:54:35

Oops, not sure that link is going to work for some reason.

Butkin Fri 25-Sep-09 20:28:52

We do LR and just starting FYFR M&M. It is a good time of year to look for small tack as a lot of people are selling that at the end of season. Try Ebay, Horsequest for tack/clothing and we've used Designer Browbands who have a good class second hand section at shows.

One of our ponies has such a tiny head we've found the cheapest place was to ask our local saddler to make his show bridle using good quality leather. We've got a Fylde saddle which is great for showing if you can get one new or second hand - check it fits though!

Ariela Tue 29-Sep-09 11:24:07

Mummydoc I'd suggest if you want your pony ridden in week as well ask your daughters instructor &/or PC for a recommendation - my DD was asked to ride little ponies for a lady.

mummydoc Wed 30-Sep-09 15:08:16

thanks , areila good suggestion, pony still at schooling yard - he is gorgeous and coudl do extreamly well at m+m and whp but is still quite forward going - my gung ho dd wants to come off the lead rein asap ( i have told her it would be good to learn to hold the reins first wink ) so am still not sure baout keeping this pony. schooling yard have more dopey little sec a they want to sell he is probably better suited tous but dd is hysterical everytime some kind of swap of ponies is mentioned ...i am getting highly stressed over hte whole thing

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