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how do you find any time to ride?

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horseymum Thu 17-Sep-09 21:20:04

I have two kids, aged 4 and 2 and it is impossible to find the time! In theory I could ride any time I liked at work (outside my very part time hours)but would have to find people to look after kids and no family nearby. i hate asking my friends to have the kids too often as need to save favours for more pressingly important things than just indulging myself! I feel like my riding has gone completely backwards as only usually able to ride once a week at the mo, which doesn't really make for much progress. (done stage 2etc, wee bit xc and novice dressage but all that is probably beyond me now!) As an instructor I find it hard teaching people who only ride once a fortnight or similar as they don't make progress so i know it is hard for my instructor. Soemtimes I feel she just gives up on me as she reckons I will probably just get pregnant again anyway!)

MitchyInge Thu 17-Sep-09 23:13:01

I haven't had much time to ride lately, well, past couple of weeks anyway which feels like an age, but that's because of work. My children are a bit older (19, 17 and 10) so they can be left, or we ride together or take turns or whatever.

It probably is worth trying to carve out a bit more time for yourself, even just an extra 20 minutes or half an hour after work here or there?

LisaD1 Fri 18-Sep-09 19:41:16

I have 2 kids, aged 9 and almost 2, it's on;y recent but I can now get them to play in the field while I ride and then if they're good they get to ride too, seems to be working so far! Do you have an OH? I often leave the girls in bed and ride in the mornings and also ride Sun mornings for a couple of hours. Do you have any horsey friends who you could swap favours with?

skihorse Sat 19-Sep-09 09:43:16

A friend of mine has three little boys and actually runs her own riding school/livery yard. She just used to dress them up as warm and waterproof as possible and let them get on with it around the yard. Boys will be boys et al. If you can still school with 3 boys on a trampoline then nothing will put you off in the ring! grin

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 19-Sep-09 09:59:44

I don't have a school to ride in but sometimes ride in the field and just let the kids play, they are 4 and 7, (although risk of bucking in field is very high with both of mine!).
I usually schedule some time for riding into my childfree hours (when not at uni or work) which should be slightly easier now dd is at school, and sometimes my friend who lives at the stables looks after them while I ride at the weekend. I am always wanting more riding time though, it is never enough!
Oh and my riding was appaling when I started again after almost 2 years due to babies plus horsey injury. But once you are riding regularly again it doesn't take so long to be back where you were.

Interesting thread. I have just bought a pony for me the dcs. grin

They are 1 and 2.7yrs.

I have been told by numerous people that I am nothing short of stupid.
Especially just close to Winter too.

I am with my dsis who I share one with, and my mum who has 5.
We all going to help each other when we can.
My dsis dcs are 14, 11 and 5. The eldest is wonderful and helps a lot with my 2 dcs.

I got a little pony, as I knew I would be so frustrated with one for me, as I can't get childcare all the time. I can only ride my dsis and mums when my dh is off work or I take them with me and dsis watches them for me.

I have jut took some toys and colouring books etc.. to keep in the stable block for dcs, as keen as she is to be with and around the horses she is only young and the novelty could soon wear off.

Just got some in car dvd players so when it gets tough and wet in the middle of winter, they can be safe and warm some of the time.

I only got the pony on saturday, and half of me thinks what on earth have I done, I should have waited a few years, but I suppose if horses is 'in' you so to speak, It is hard not to be around them.
I love my dcs obviously but sometimes being at home just drives me crazy, and it's just not enough.

Sadly my dh is not impressed with this pony purchase, he has not seen it and does not care.
So I can not complain or ask for his help if I struggle a bit.hmm

Sorry. I must preview. blush

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 19-Sep-09 11:32:22

Ah yeah, forgot to mention I have a load of stable toys too to keep them amused! The farmer recently asked me to tidy them out of view (they were in a corner of a stable) "Because people will wonder what everyone gets up to here" hmm

no1putsbabyinthecorner Sorry your dh is not enthusiastic, but it will be fine, I am single and I get by

mummydoc Sun 20-Sep-09 10:51:13

no1 i understand were you are coming from, slightly impulse buy of pony for dd2 3 weeks ago - see my htread called new pony, has so far not gone great but workng on it. i am over whelmed with it rather, 1/2 of me thinks waht an idiot, with my work and the girls school commitments we will be riding this pony once a week in the winter, i guess i can lunge him or long rein him 2 x a week but am pannicking he will be frisky as hell on saturdays when the girls ride...very very worried about the situation, any ideas gratefully recieved ?

Butkin Sun 20-Sep-09 17:01:53

Luckily we're a team effort as we both ride and share stable responsibilities. Was tougher when DD was small as we don't live where our horses are. However she got used to going down each evening from a tiny age. As soon as she could walk she took on tasks like sweeping the yard, filling water buckets so she could "help". Of course this sometimes slowed us down but in the great scheme of things worked really well.

Now she is 6 she can help properly and mucks out her ponies, helps with feeding etc. In the summer time it is easier because they are out in the field but we all try to ride 4/5 times a week if we can - more in the Winter when it is easier to ride them straight from the stable.

We'd ride most weekends - often we'll be at shows or just hacking - and soon it will be hunting. Autumn hunting starts at 8am with us which is great as I can take DD on the lead rein and we're back by 11am so we can still do other things during the day.

horseymum Mon 21-Sep-09 13:37:53

i guess it is a bit easier if you have your own stables etc. - I think I am just a bit wistful for that! it was easier in the summer as loads of teenagers around at work and could bring kids and know they would be supervised. Now i can't bring them up as much as noone to supervise and not the sort of yard kids can just run around free. I used to have occassional lessons from very good instructor who just let her kids play in the sand at the side of (inside!) the arena which was a bit unerving when you were riding. i would love to still be bringing them up so they get more used to horses but it is easier to leave them at home! I suppose i just go through the 'want to have cake and eat it! phase as i would love to have another baby but know it will mean several more years of very little riding and look a bit enviously at the mums with kids all at school who have a lot more time! most of my mummy friends are not at all horsey and all horsey friends work full time so that's not that great! oh well, will just have to be patient - I just worry that by the time I have any time I'll be too old and nervous to do any riding!!!

cazboldy Mon 21-Sep-09 22:01:34

I have 5 dc,12, 9, 8, 3, 2, a shetland a 12 hh and a newly broken section b, who is lovely and chunky and about 13.2. I have had him since he was weaned.

I ride approx 5 days out of 7, and I reckon my dd makes it about 3 times a week now that the night are pulling in sad

I am lucky in that we live on a farm, and my dh milks cow and so has a long lunchbreak, so that I normally ride while he is in for lunch, so that he can watch my 2 youngest dc.

mot people think I am absolutely bonkers, but it works for me!, and the ponies are all that keeps me sane! lol smile

lavenderkate Mon 21-Sep-09 22:08:55

Oh I'm so envious of you all.envy
I seem to have lost my nerve with riding now after having ds 3yrs. It seems a long way down now.
I would have ridden nearly anything 20 years ago.
Looking at getting one that dd1 and I can sort of share but I do wonder how I will manage with 3yr old.

skihorse Tue 22-Sep-09 09:05:10

horseymum Be careful what you wish for! I've had my own stables and ended up giving up my life for 18 months. I could never have a lie-in or stay out overnight. Going on holiday was an almighty palava begging someone to look after them. Breaking the ice on the troughs at midnight and 6am. <-- x 50! OK, it was more difficult for me back then because I was working full-time nearly 50 miles from home and I was single so everything was on my back... so to make it work for me in the future I would need one of us to be a SAHP!

horseymum Tue 22-Sep-09 15:32:00

skihorse- yes, i think am too inherantly lazy and my bed to be able to do that, having a horse at working livery was a great solution but sady my horse can no longer do the work so can't stay there.
lavenderkate- i think losing your nerve a bit is common after having kids, i guess it is a survival thing, and also comes with not riding as much!
i think i just need to be patient and glad that i can ride at all.

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