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Advise re Cub Saddle

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I have just bought one second hand and now wish I had just spent an extra £10 and bought a new one.

I bought this without seeing it and had it delivered.
I didn't even think about it tbh.
I knew it came without girth etc..
It does not have the gullet pads that stick underneath.

Can I get these seperate form anywhere?

Any advice appreciated.


Pixel Fri 11-Sep-09 19:43:50

Oh what a pain. Have you checked that the seller doesn't have them and maybe just forgot to put them in the parcel? (unlikely I know).
The only thing I can think of is to contact the company that makes them and see if there is any way you could just purchase the pads. Grovel a bit and say the dog chewed them up or something?

Butkin Fri 11-Sep-09 20:49:49

This is a bit bizarre - why would they take them off? The saddle isn't complete without them and could be returned unless they stated in the advert.

As Pixel says ring the people asap because they must have them - surely they won't have thrown them away. Not like the plastic "fish" which come with proper synthetic saddles which some people (inc us) don't use).

Otherwise contact Throughgoods and see what they have to say.

Don't forget to get the cottage craft dressage girths that fit it so well.

I have contacted them, but not heard anything yet.

I bought the saddle from a free ads website.

I just presumed they would come with it tbh.

She stated it had been used on a fat/round shetland.

I thought the saddle was Thorowgood but it is not. It is Gallop.

Just mad with myself as I could have ordered a new one for a bit more.I have ordered the dressage girth through my mum so just waiting for that.

I have contacted a few websites to see if I can get the pads.
My mum also going to ring a few of her suppliers to find out to.

She emailed me back saying, she had bought the saddle like that and didn't know waht I was talking about. (re the gullet/adjustable pads)

So looks like I will have to buy another one if I can't get hold of any.
My mum said some of her suppliers do them seperatley, but she does not deal with anyone that has this make of saddle.

Why oh why didn't I just order one from my mum....because I am impatient and could not wait for her to put in the order. hmm blush

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