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Absolute Horse

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Butkin Tue 08-Sep-09 16:43:21

If any of you live in East Anglia and get Absolute Horse (very good monthly Eastern area magazine) then DD has had her photo in both the August and September issues. In this month's issue is a picture of her wearing her Concours d'Elegance outfit (proud Daddy emoticon...)

Pixel Wed 09-Sep-09 18:24:29

Ah what a shame we are in the wrong area, I'd love to have a look. Sounds like a magazine we have called Local Rider that has pics from shows etc.
Did you take any of your own photos that you could put on here? <nosey>

MitchyInge Thu 10-Sep-09 09:31:51

Ooooh, will have a look later - how exciting for her

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