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How to get rid of horse wee smell on headcollars, leadropes and brushes.

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ponymad Sat 05-Sep-09 21:03:20

I very stupidly left a plastic box with a few headcollars and lead ropes in my dd's ponies new field shelter yesterday. It was well tucked out of the way on top of bales of straw that I've stacked in there.

When I arrived this morning it was a scene of devastation I thought the straw would be safe as they don't eat it but they had pulled all 10 bales down some were outside and they had added 2 bales to the floor to give themselves a lovely deep bed. All the bits from the box were under the straw and absolutely stink of horse wee. DD thinks they did it to make us a treasure hunt !!!

I have just washed everything in the washing machine but it still stinks any ideas what I can use to get rid of smell?

Pixel Sat 05-Sep-09 21:55:35

Oh dear, my old pony would have done this as well, we never left anything within his reach as he would always trash it.
Could you give everything a soak in a bucket with warm water and lots of dettol, then put it through the machine again? That might do it.

ponymad Sun 06-Sep-09 07:29:22

Thanks Pixel I rewashed last night with cider vinegar and it seems to have done the trick, everything is odour free except for a very very old body brush that I've had since I was a kid. So I'll try soaking that in dettol now and if it still stinks when I get back later I'll chuck it.

They are such a naughty gang we have already been evicted from mil's land as they kept raiding her chicken feed.

frostyfingers Mon 07-Sep-09 11:44:55

Once they start raiding they don't stop. My 15yo TB gelding is a terrible fiddler and if you leave anything lying around will nick it, stand on it, rip it, throw it about. Buckets, headcollars, grooming kit, rugs, piles of anything. He has yet to wee on anything, but I wouldn't put it past him.

I oiled the door to the feed room and lo and behold it took him about 2 hours to realise he could get in there and spent a happy hour stuffing hay, having emptied bin of nuts (luckily only a few scoopfuls) until I realised why the yard was so quiet. Every time I go in there, he goes to check if I've put the clip on..... If he's loose in the yard, and the pony is tied up, he'll untie the rope, no matter who many loops you've put in, and once while my back was turned he undid the buckles on the pony's bridle!

He also likes warming his feet in old bonfire ashes - we have a spot in his field for our occasional bonfires and he can't wait to get on to them! Weird!

ponymad Mon 07-Sep-09 12:18:32

So glad to hear your fella is playful as well frostyfingers I'm never quite sure who the villan is as we have 6 that are in together.

I'm going to get dh to build me a very stong side extension to the field shelter so I can keep a few bales of hay and a few headcollars in safetly would love to put cctv in shelter to see who the ring leader is, but I'm sure they all do their bit.

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