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Butkin Wed 12-Aug-09 21:02:30

Leaving home at 5am tomorrow, heading for PUK at Newark. Only doing one class on palomino Friday morning and then DD will enjoy watching classes/doing the fair until we return home in afternoon to wash the roan. We're then leaving at 5am on Friday with roan so bound to be driving up the A1 on autopilot.

Palomino is staying overnight (could only afford one stable - 110 quid! - and not organised enough to stay over ourselves).

Palomino doing two classes on Friday and then roan gets to do his bit during the evening performance (DD is doing Concours d'Elegance on LR).

Looking forward to it all with a mixture of anticipation and dread!

If all goes well we're back up A1 for Equifest next week...

cazboldy Wed 12-Aug-09 23:30:18

wow busy!

Good luck! smile

Butkin Sat 15-Aug-09 11:09:34

For what it's worth we were disappointed by our first experience of PUK (with DD's ponies although I did ride there years ago).

We'd booked a stable for the week but when we arrived early on Thursday morning some other pony was in it. We kept trudging back and forth and 3 times the stable we were "allotted" was taken. Eventually the stable manager took us to a spare one but it took us 3 hours! (admittedly having done a class from the trailer as no time to keep pursuing stable).

We couldn't show the palomino on Friday as he'd run up light - possibly because the noise and the lights from the funfair were unbeliably oppressive for a pony show.

The HOYS LR Evening performance (for kids under 9!) was at 8.45pm - don't the organisers have kids of their own?

The Concours d'Elegance LR had 25 ponies in the smallest ring - we couldn't even trot and we were kept waiting 15 mins for a steward to turn up.

Then they told us the 10 who were placed but everybody had to come back to the evening performance to get their rosettes - 15 of us knowing we weren't even in with a chance.

Basically a very poor show by the organisers and we're hoping for better at Equifest this week.

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