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Stringhalt anyone?

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seeker Thu 09-Jul-09 05:42:53

My dd has been offered a share in a horse who has stringhalt in his off hind. It only seems to affect him when he is first brought in or if he has been standing for a while, and he is otherwise sound and has a lovely temperament. Does anyone have any experience of this? Would it put you off?

Nekabu Thu 09-Jul-09 06:14:26

It wouldn't put me off for a share but it would for a purchase, though even then I could be swayed if the horse ticked other boxes! I'd go for it ...

Nekabu Thu 09-Jul-09 06:23:19

p.s., In case it does turn into a share-with-view-to-purchase please be aware he almost certainly won't pass a vetting if your dd should ever need to sell him in the future.

Owls Thu 09-Jul-09 21:29:53

Yes agree with Nekabu, fine for a share but no way will he pass a vetting.

seeker Thu 09-Jul-09 22:10:49

That's all right - we not in the market to buy. Thank you - I hadn't thought of him not passing a vetting. Interesting that the owner is pressurizing us to decide on the loan deal because "we've got a lot of potential buyers for him"!

Nekabu Fri 10-Jul-09 05:05:20

Is it a loan or a share? If it's a loan and you're needing to carry on the insurance, you'll need to check they've told their insurance company about the stringhalt as knowledge of a pre-existing condition and not informing the insurance company can invalidate the policy.

"we've got a lot of potential buyers for him"!

If he is a really fantastic horse at a bargain price because of the stringhalt then maybe but I'll leave it to your imagination to calculate just how big the current market is for horses who won't pass a vetting!

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