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We're off to Hickstead next week! (only watching, don't get your hopes up!)

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Pixel Sat 20-Jun-09 15:43:35

Anyone else going?

My sister has managed to get us free tickets for the Derby this year so that should be good.
I've also said I'll pop up there for a couple of hours on the Friday with the tickets out of Nag Mag as my instructor (now my friend too smile) wants to have a wander round and won't be able to go otherwise. I don't want to stay too long if I'm going on saturday anyway, (limited spending money plus school run!) and she won't be able to manage much walking as she is recovering from a bad riding accident so that will be enough for us. Still, two visits for me, woo hoo!

DisturbinglySexuallyInactive Mon 22-Jun-09 19:51:57

yay you!

(it is me, MitchyInge grin)

am gutted because had opportunity to go and 'help' someone who is doing more than watching but can't

was great to be asked though - will you take LOTS of pictures to show us?

LadyOfWaffle Mon 22-Jun-09 19:53:06

envy Have a good time!

Pixel Mon 22-Jun-09 22:45:17

Thanks, the weather forecast is good which is something. I went a couple of years ago when it was ankle-deep mud everywhere. I will try and take some pics but my camera is being a bit dodgy since I dropped it at my dad's wedding last month.

I've got my pennies all saved up to buy dhorse a new bit so I will have to avoid being distracted by all the other lovely things that he doesn't actually need but he would look great in anyway. (I saw a very nice browband in Harrods the other week, it was £199. I managed to resist the temptation grin).

Ex-Mitchy, what has happened to your name? I can't see the whole thing but I dread to think! smile

Butkin Wed 24-Jun-09 15:13:45

Very jealous. A few years ago my cob won at both the Royal International and Hickstead Derby meeting and I've still got the wonderful sash somewhere.

It is a great venue - interesting to see how it develops now that Dougie Bunn has passed away.

Hope the weather stays fine for you. I may try and make it down for the ponies at Royal International.

Pixel Wed 24-Jun-09 21:53:18

Ooh Butkin, if you do let me know and I can stalk you watch and learn!

Butkin Thu 25-Jun-09 12:27:35

Sadly we've not qualified the Sec A Pixel. He is only 4 and you really need a mature pony for the RIHS and HOYS qualifiers. He'll be going to PUK for the Lobster Pot and Colne Finals and probably to BSPS and Equifest.

My cob is now retired from showing but they were great days. I've got a photo of him cantering around on his lap of honour with the Derby Bank in the background.

Pixel Fri 26-Jun-09 20:31:22

What a brilliant photo to have, I hope it is in pride of place. It sounds like it's only a matter of time before your section A makes his mark as well smile.

Pixel Sat 27-Jun-09 19:56:43

Well, I've had a lovely day in the sun, looking at gorgeous horses and planning how to spend my millions when I win the lottery (saw a horsebox that I would happily live in full time grin).

Had an arggh! moment when I found the exact jods I wanted but couldn't get them done up and they didn't have a bigger size. If only I'd stuck to the diet! Got dhorse a sweet iron bit so hopefully he will like that. The lady at the stall where we bought it was really friendly and helpful, unlike the previous one where we'd asked advice on the bits. She could barely bring herself to talk to us (and mum and I are quite presentable, honest, no tattoos or nose rings!)and was really snooty. I said dhorse didn't seem happy in his french link snaffle and she suggested putting a flash on him. When I said I wasn't sure I wanted to do that for a 4 yo as I would rather find out what he was unhappy with and change it, she literally turned away and walked off. I'm still feeling a bit GRR. Wish I could remember the name of the stall so I could name and shame grin.

Anyway, scurry driving was great fun, as usual, and there was some excitement during the working hunter, when a girl's bridle broke and the bit fell out of her horse's mouth. It bolted straight out of the ring into the collecting ring where she threw herself off. A good split-second decision I think as there was a very big drop into the jumping warm-up ring if her horse had decided to carry on over the fence. Luckily she seemed to be ok and the horse sensibly stopped as soon as she came off.

And lastly, isn't Robert Smith looking old shock. <Pixel sobs as she remembers him as a young whipper-snapper and checks her own wrinkles in mirror>.

Owls Fri 03-Jul-09 21:55:55

Yes never get that "just put a flash on it". I'm with you on that one.

Sounds like you had a great day anyway. I personally think they are making jods far smaller these days. <sucks stomach in> smile

Robert Smith - I know what you mean. He used to be the young good looking son didn't he? grin

Owls Thu 09-Jul-09 21:27:59

Pixel, how are you getting on with the sweet-iron bit? Is it the answer to all our prayers? I mean, will my just turned 4yo decide that now he will do everything I ask immediately? grin <hopeful>

Pixel Thu 09-Jul-09 23:34:17

Hi Owls, well it is a big improvement actually,everyone has noticed he is much happier in his mouth. He has started mouthing and accepting the bit properly whereas with his old one (pinchless french link snaffle) he was always fighting it and trying to get his tongue over. I don't know if he just prefers the action of the fulmer, or it is the sweet iron making the difference, but I'm very pleased

So he didn't need a flash noseband! <sticks tongue out at snooty tack shop lady>

Owls Fri 17-Jul-09 22:10:02

Pixel, I've ordered one. Hopefully he'll like it! He really isn't that happy in his mouth at the moment, quite one-sided. Teeth checked recently so can't see it being that. Ho hum.

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