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Hello, I'm new..

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Stannie Sun 24-May-09 08:29:40

And thrilled that I've found a Mummy/Horsey group!

I'm 33, having my first baby in Oct and have 2 horses (at the moment - I'm always on the look out for another..)I've stopped riding recently as I have had a few issues (not related to riding) but I'll hopefully be back on board by Nov 1st for Opening Meet!

I have a 7yo 17hh TB named Stan and his mini me a 39" Shetland called Trigger

Stan is (eventually) hopefully destined to for the show ring as a WH / LW SH and maybe to event and Trigger rides and drives (prefect for my MiniRider I hope) ..

(I'd post pics but not sure how here - is it the same as other forums - use a photobucket account ? Can I post direct to the thread ?)

Would love to know about others horses - I'm v nosy blush

Owls Sun 24-May-09 21:06:43

Hello Stannie smile

Sorry seems a bit quiet round here at the moment, think everyone's making the most of the sunshine.

I've got two 3yo piebald cobs which we are just bringing on the moment. They are lovely - so far! There is a pic on my profile but for some reason it is really tiny. If you get your magnifying glass out you should be able to see them lying in the field. <reminder to self to sort out better pics).

Baby in October and back on board for 1st Nov? Mmmmm. No way I could have done that but fingers crossed for you and I will be totally in awe if you make it! smile

Pixel Sun 24-May-09 22:52:10

Hello Stannie, welcome to the madhouse smile.
I'm not very technically minded so the only way I know to put pics on is on the profile, and it took me ages to figure that out...

I have a traditional type cob (he does have a posh TB grandsire but takes after his mum, a gypsy cob!) who is almost 4 yo and turning into a stunner if I say so myself smile. He has lovely movement and I'm sure he will be able to turn his hoof to all sorts of things but at the moment we are concentrating on making him a bombproof hack, while improving my shaky nerve at the same time. Not much to ask but we are getting there! I've been riding my sister's gorgeous section D as well which is helping.
We also have on loan a dear shetland. She used to be a driving pony for my wheelchair-user friend and now at the age of 26 she is ds's leadrein pony. He laughs his head off when she does her 'driving' trot with me racing to keep up!

Pixel Sun 24-May-09 22:57:44

Someone called my horse a 'pikey cob' today. When I said he wasn't, he replied "are you sure? he gave me a quote for my driveway yesterday" LOL.

alicecrail Mon 25-May-09 10:19:35

Hello smile

I have one TB ex flat racehorse, gelding who is 9yrs old and 16hh and a TBxID 15hh 8yrs mare (who is stunning!)

In my head i am this amazing rider that competes at a high level every weekend, but in reality i have two talented horses who don't get enough exercise and tend to get a bit thrown in at the deep end and seem to do surprisingly well grin

Like pixel my nerves are not what they used to be, but i am working on it!

As to being back in the saddle for 1st nov - its possible, i was back on 3 weeks after a c section but only to wander up and down the yard. No way could i hunt so soon afterwards.
But good luck!

Butkin Tue 26-May-09 12:11:50

Hi Stannie, good to have you on board.

We've got a heavyweight show cob (now mostly used for hunting), palomino connemara and two sec As for DD (roan and palomino).

Showing and hunting is our game although we work in horseracing.

You may want to read a thread a bit lower down about riding recovery rates after birth - will probably take you longer than you expect to get your muscles stong and your core balance back.

Stannie Tue 26-May-09 14:24:09

Hi everyone waves

I am probably being wildly optimistic about getting back on for 1st November but I'm a wildly optimistic person generally blush..

Baby is due 7th October so was hoping to be back on for a few hours at least on November 7th (first Sat in Nov is our opening meet) .. 4weeks ?

Am missing riding badly atm (stopped a 3 weeks ago at 17 weeks due to a prob with a fibroid - on the pregnancy board if you want to see - am 20 + 6 today)and feeling very left out .. 90% of my friends are horsey and they are busy with the summer season and I feel a bit like a third bosom.. sad

Butkin - I love the sound of your HW cob. I'm also a showing fanatic.. even though my background is in eventing/hunting .. Working in racing sounds fab - I used to ride out for a few trainers which I loved

Butkin Tue 26-May-09 16:51:24

Yes I've been very luck with my cob - I bought him to take me hunting and I ended up riding him at the HOYS when it was at Wembley. Won countless county shows on him and probably his highlight was winning the Royal International at Hickstead and the cobs at the Silk Cut Derby meeting there.

He is 22 now but I still hunt him and lead DD off him - perfect for that.

DD has got an 8yo Sec which won the Lobster Pot before we got him and now we're trying to qualify him again. We also bought here a now 4yo last year and we've broken him in and qualified him for the Colne Novice at PUK already. We took him to a local show yesterday for experience (only his 3rd show) and got him beat! Finished 2nd but c'est la vie. Anyway he is off to Huntingdon, Rutland County etc.

I work in racing admin - not up to riding other peoples TBs although I used to ride out my own pointers.

alicecrail Wed 27-May-09 08:33:31

stannie i sympathise with the not being able to ride throughout the summer. My dd was born in November, and i had planned on pottering around until i felt uncomfortable but broke my leg at 20weeks so spent most of the rest of pregnancy on crutches. Really rubbish.

Ponymum Wed 27-May-09 22:59:27

Welcome stannie. smile I am in awe of your ambitions for riding post PG. I had some very bad problems in my PG (ended up in wheelchair) so it will be some time before I ride again. But I 'hang around' on the horsy threads getting vicarious thrills from hearing about the riding that everyone else is doing! grin

If you set up a Mumsnet profile you can load photos on that - would love to see them. On my profile page there is a photo of my most recent horse (TB x Dales eventer) which I sold when I got pregnant.

Stannie Fri 29-May-09 08:46:40

Butkin - Your cob sounds an absolute paragon! What an amazing record and hes still going strong.. Winning at the RIHS/Hickstead must be a lifetime highlight! I've got there with my previous hack but not placed The atmosphere blew his mind totally - although at other big shows he was sharp but not insane.. Hickstead was simply too much for the poor chap. I lost him to a heart attack last year at 19yrs old. A total surprise as he was fit and as sharp as ever until the day he died.. I still miss him dreadfully.

Your pony sounds gorgeous! Qualified for Colne already! Well done!

My current chap is a big NH type TB. He's hopefully destined for county WH but I have now had a few opinions that he is a great stamp for LW Show hunters so I might give him a shot in those classes.. I would love for him to qualify for RIHS/HOYS one day..

Alicecrail - That's so rubbish! Pregnant on crutches sounds like such hard work.. Are you riding again now ?

PonyMum - I think the reason for my ambition is that I'm simply blissfully ignorant! I hope you are doing ok ? The wheelchair thing sounds a bit shock .. what happened to you ? (sorry - I'm nosy - don't reply if I have been inapropriate!) I have uploaded a couple of pics of my big boy to my profile but no idea how to view other people profiles ?

Owls Fri 29-May-09 10:25:59

Stannie, you need to make your profile "public" from the registration page I think it is - the one where you put your profile details on.

To view other profiles just click the yellow icon inbetween the red exclamation mark and envelope at the end of the line where the poster's name is.

Ponymum Fri 29-May-09 16:36:30

That's OK stannie. I'll let you know if you get too nosy! wink
My pregnancy problem was SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). Basically my pelvis stopped holding itself together while DD was inside me! It was horribly painful and I had to do lots of physio and pilates to get back to normal. OK now though, but need to wait a while before riding again.

Butkin Fri 29-May-09 20:49:32

Stannie, how is your TB bred - did he race at all?

Stannie Tue 02-Jun-09 17:06:19

Butkin - he's a proper old fashioned Irish NH bred! By Insan out of a Marshallstown mare. Has all the power & the jump but absolutely no will to be in front! He'd happily pootle about mid field for fun.. He was sent out in a few bumpers and then went p2p for a season but was still pants so he was sold!

Ponymum - SPD sounds foul! Glad it's better now though.. Your lad is fab..(thanks Owls - I can see stuff now!)

Ponymum Fri 05-Jun-09 14:00:55

Hi Stannie. I have just seen your photos - fab horses! I agree it is a real drag not to be riding (especially when you have such lovely horses smile).

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