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Video of Icelandic horses going through the ice.

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Pixel Thu 05-Feb-09 18:38:19

video here

Don't worry, it's a happy ending but my heart was still in my mouth watching it. I can't believe how calm and well-behaved they were.

bronze Thu 05-Feb-09 18:44:31

oh my goodness that was heart in mouth stuff

MitchyInge Thu 05-Feb-09 19:37:01

ooooh my goodness

I am NOT going to try that at home!

MitchyInge Thu 05-Feb-09 19:37:51

do you think they were just numb with shock and cold at first?

Roskva Thu 05-Feb-09 20:00:15

Iceys are very calm generally. A lot of horses in Iceland will be used to crossing ice cold melt water streams.

Are any of you fellowcey enthusiasts?

Roskva Thu 05-Feb-09 20:01:19

Meant to say fellow icey enthusiast, but my keyboard keeps sticking blush

Pixel Thu 05-Feb-09 20:06:06

I was getting really worried about the grey who was still in near the end because it was looking quite sleepy as though the cold was getting to it and it was giving upsad. I was so relieved when it got out!

BooBooChicken Thu 05-Feb-09 20:13:43

oh my, my tummy was in a knot watching that, esp for the little grey who looked like he was going under...

kormachameleon Thu 05-Feb-09 20:13:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ruty Thu 05-Feb-09 20:21:22

lucky the water was so shallow - they seemed to be standing. freezing though but could have been so much worse.

Roskva Thu 05-Feb-09 21:13:02

korma, a friend of mine reckons that iceys are like pringles - you can't stop at one grin. Although so far I've managed it, but wait until dd is a bit bigger...

Itsthawooluff Mon 09-Feb-09 20:41:49

Hands up who was frantically "clicking", and saying "Oh come on, please, you can do it" whilst watching that.

horseymum Tue 21-Jul-09 13:48:53

Hi I have just found this tack room area! i love icelandic horses and used to work at a trekking centre with them- they are fantastic but i couldn't afford one right now!

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