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Seedy toe

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sep30 Wed 16-Oct-19 20:03:33

HI was just wondering if anyone had any experience in a donkey/horse with seedy toe? Our lovely 5 year old rescue donkey had it slightly last year but this year it's already so bad! They come in every night and have been putting tar on every night too (advice from the farrier) but it's spreading up his front feet and has gone into one of the back ones. We're desperate to help him ASAP as must be so sore so any advice or tips would be fantastic! Thank you so much.

QuestionableMouse Fri 01-Nov-19 20:03:09

Tar will do bugger all. He likely needs the separate hoof wall removing and may need dressings or specialist shoes/hoof rebuilding. You need to get the vet out and by the sounds of it, a new farrier!

In the meantime, keep the feet as dry as you can. Standing on dry shavings can help to pull moisture from the hoof.

If it's in all four feet you may need to look at diet too because there might be something more systematic going on.

sep30 Fri 01-Nov-19 20:42:27

@QuestionableMouse thank you, it's already so much better with lots of drying out and some great tips from fellow donkey owners and some homeopathic remedies too. Farrier is the best in the area just unfortunate for us it's been so wet where we are. All under control now I was just looking for some tipssmile

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