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New Horse with cough

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Lakeside88 Thu 15-Aug-19 08:46:32

Hi everyone, hoping someone can suggest ideas.

I bought a new horse almost 2 weeks ago, the day before I went to collect him the owner called to say that he had developed a cough with no other symptoms (vacinated and no other horses on old or new yard coughing). He is stabled during the day and turned out at night (has had lami) and it was suspected that a nearby field at old yard being sprayed/combined may have blown over into his stable and irritated him. His vet prescribed Dilaterol unseen for 10 days, he's now finished that and there seems to be no improvement despite change of environment. He coughs more in his stable than in excercise and leaves little coughed up bits of food sometimes, his hay is well soaked so can't be dusty hay and his bedding is rubber matting with Probed (think he had shavings before). Insurance hasn't yet kicked in so vet has suggested keeping an eye on him until it does as if they come out now it will be preexisting. Next plan is to turn out 24/7 with his grazing muzzle and remove hay and perhaps try NAF respirator boost which I've been impressed with in the past. Any other suggestions/experienced gratefully recieved...

CaptainClover Thu 15-Aug-19 09:30:44

Well, a few things spring to mind. Has the horse a history of coughing? Is he well in himself?
Horses don't cough for no/little reason, they do not have as well developed cough reflex as humans, so any coughing should be taken seriously. I wouldn't ride a horse that was coughing at all really, and the fact that the dilaterol has made no difference would be concerning me. It would def. be worth trying the horse out 24/7 but at this time of year (I have one like this) horses can develop summer coughs at grass with allergens in the fields. Steroids next probably.

Lakeside88 Thu 15-Aug-19 12:57:39

Ok thanks Clover, no history of coughing and he is very well so if it wasn't for the occasional cough I'd think he was in perfect health. I've ridden twice this week and he didnt cough at all but happy to rest him and see if that makes a difference. He's been left out today with his grazing muzzle on which i will take off later. The vet wasn't overly concerned about not seeing him for a week and has suggested she thinks it will settle down on it's own with time!

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