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Saddle pads for horse with ludicrously sensitive skin?

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Pleasedontdothat Sat 10-Aug-19 10:44:44

Dd has got a new saddle, but as it’s a dressage one, she needs to get a new saddle pad as her other ones are for a GP saddle. The problem is that although dhorse takes after his sturdy ID dad in every other respect, he’s inherited his mother’s TB coat and dd has to be very careful with rugs and pads etc.

Any recommendations for dressage pads which won’t damage his coat? Saddle has been checked and fits beautifully

starlightmagic Sat 10-Aug-19 10:47:11

Eskadron or hv poki don’t rub my fairy of a thoroughbred! Le mieux rubbed him raw in one ride sad

starlightmagic Sat 10-Aug-19 10:47:21

Hv polo!

Pleasedontdothat Sat 10-Aug-19 14:14:30

Thanks! Will check those out

QuestionableMouse Mon 30-Sep-19 15:55:21

Sheepskin is usually a good bet. The real stuff, not the synthetic.

Pleasedontdothat Wed 02-Oct-19 07:02:45

We got him an eskadron pad and it’s been perfect - no rubbing at all smile

leckford Thu 03-Oct-19 17:45:30

My two get lumps, solved with thin Acavello pads underneath their numnahs

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