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Perfect Highland

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higgyhog Wed 07-Aug-19 15:37:09

[[ this one]]
Way way outside my budget but I have a foolish compulsion. My last highland had a showing career and was very easy to ride, no spooking etc. It is probably total limerance, just feel recklessly compelled to go and see him and then you all know where that will lead.

krustykittens Wed 07-Aug-19 15:41:12

MOG, he is gorgeous! Do it! I have a Highland, they are a fantastic breed!

krustykittens Wed 07-Aug-19 15:41:37

OMG not MOG. Obvs.

higgyhog Thu 08-Aug-19 13:41:58

he is £12k, though, that is £4k over the very top of my budget......

krustykittens Sat 10-Aug-19 19:50:38

Eeek! Don't look then - you know you will want him.

MrsLumsden Tue 20-Aug-19 14:02:52

Beautiful but that is a lot of money! If you are serious I have a friend based up here in the Highlands who backs and sells Highland Ponies and also sells some on behalf of people if you want her contact details let me know.

I bought my lad locally he was nothing like that amount of money …..Get thy backside to Scotland we keep all the best ones to ourselves :-)

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