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Flu outbreak - 6 monthly jabs?

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Ellybellyboo Thu 13-Jun-19 13:27:08

DD has a pony and we have a retiree - in the past they’ve had their flu jabs annually.

DD’s pony had her flu jab earlier this week, our retiree had hers back in November

While the vet was there doing the pony’s jabs she recommended our retiree have hers again as they’re recommending every 6 months now due to the current flu outbreak

I was under the impression it had died down now as I haven’t heard anything for a few months.

We’ve got no cases locally and she’s retired so doesn’t go out competing now or anything

It’s fine, she had it, don’t want her at any risk, plus it means they are now due together but I was just wondering what other areas were doing

Pleasedontdothat Thu 13-Jun-19 15:22:55

We’re in Surrey and all the venues round here, including Pony Club rallies are insisting on six monthly boosters

IrisJoy Thu 13-Jun-19 15:25:58

We are in Sussex and have one competing and one retired. As above our competing one needed the six monthly as all venues are insisting on them. We had our retired pony done at the same time to cover the horse. If we just had the retired pony and he lived by himself I am not sure I would have done. Havubg said that I have two friends who are vets and they both had their non competing horses done. I think that's a good indicator.

Ellybellyboo Fri 14-Jun-19 08:58:59


None of our venues have asked for 6 monthly. DD did a Pony Club show a couple of weeks ago - they checked her passport but that’s it.

I checked with the vet when they were worried about Cheltenham and was told that they used the particular brand that covered that strain so not to worry

It’s no biggie, she had the jab, it’s just that I hadn’t heard anything about it in months so had thought it had died down

Fibbke Mon 17-Jun-19 11:00:58

I'm not sure what to do either as the venues are changing their mind every 5 mins!

krustykittens Fri 26-Jul-19 14:19:23

One venue near us is now demanding that flu jabs have to be administered within 3 months of competing! No one else is asking for this, just that jabs are kept up to date. I think it is backfiring on them as a lot of people are simply withdrawing their animals from competing there. We have an outbreak on a farm locally, so all my animals are being kept on their corrals and away from walkers. My real concern is walkers petting animals all along their route and passing an infection on. I am probably being overcautious as the animals at the farm in question have been quarantined and are nowhere near the general public but I find it a bit scary that it is so close. We get our lessons and school at a local riding school and they are still happy for us to come up.

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