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Learning to ride as an adult

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AvocadosBeforeMortgages Wed 13-Jun-18 17:29:26

My experience of equines extends as far as sitting on the donkeys at Blackpool, and having had an inner city sort of childhood riding wasn't the sort of thing that was ever an option. My two most relevant skillsets are amateur dog training and poor driving. In short, I'm clueless grin

However, as a proper grown up I quite fancy giving it a try. Is it possible to learn when you're in your late 20s with zero experience? I've had a look at some riding schools in the area I'm moving to later this year and all I can find is beginner classes for those age 6+ (tbh I don't really want to be sticking out like a sore thumb amongst a group of primary school children) and adult returners (for people who presumably learned to ride as children).

Do adult beginner lessons exist or have I just missed the boat in a permanent sort of way? My ideal would be adult only classes where you could sign up for a block of 5/10 classes, so low commitment as I have no idea if I'd actually like the reality of it!

iveburntthetoast Wed 13-Jun-18 20:17:15

I’ve nwcwr heard of an adults only riding class for beginners, but it does no harm to ring and ask. I’ve seen adults learning to ride with children—nothing wrong with that! Or you can pay ££££ and take private classes. But you can absolutely learn to ride as an adult. One of the people that I have lessons with learnt to ride in her 50s and is still going strong at 71.

DramaAlpaca Wed 13-Jun-18 20:18:41

I learned at 40 in an adults only beginners class, so they are around.

cookielove Wed 13-Jun-18 20:22:47

I learned to ride in an evening class with my sister as an adult!

Squirrel26 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:31:04

The stables where I ride does adult only beginner classes, and doesn’t do mixed adult and children lessons (they do have adults and teenagers in more advanced lessons). I ride with loads of people who learnt as adults - it’s totally possible!

LadyLance Thu 14-Jun-18 08:36:37

I'm sure all stables will cater to adult beginners, but they may not have enough adult beginner clients to offer a group lesson. You may need to have some private lessons first, to get the basics in place, and then be able to join in with a group.

Early on, having private lessons will really benefit you as you can ride on the lunge etc and establish your balance without having to worry about controlling the horse and then move off the lunge and work on your control.

Anyway, why not give some stables a ring- their websites might not be up to date anyway, and they may have a class you can join!

borntobequiet Thu 14-Jun-18 08:40:18

I learnt to ride in my 40s, having always wanted to. Thought I would be “a natural” but found otherwise! However am proficient enough to confidently go on a hack if on holiday and really enjoy it when I do. Go for it.

Apocalyptichorsewoman Thu 14-Jun-18 19:33:21

I started having riding lessons when I was 47 having never seen a horse in real life before. I started off with 30 mins 1:1 lessons, then graduated to the adult beginners group, then the intermediate group etc, with semi private lessons thrown in.

We have a lovely group! We all go out for coffee afterwards, and have a whatsapp group. We also have a hacking group.

6 weeks ago, one of the horses on the riding school came up for sale - I bought him! Am 49 now... He lives out, at the same yard where I still have my lessons, and I have had so much support and encouragement at the yard, as they had my horse for a long time, and know me well too. It's a steep learning curve, but we are doing well! Have attached a picture - it's great fun!

Almostflownthenest Tue 24-Jul-18 12:18:58

AvocadosBeforeMorgages You so absolutely can learn to ride as an adult. I have. I did a little bit aged 12 but due to a change in family circumstances I had to stop and over the last 40 years have done little bits but a back problem stopped me from continuing. I got my horse fix through my children and then when my dd left home for uni 3 years ago I decided to try again and I love it. I prefer 1:1 lessons to a group. I love getting the horse ready, I love the smell as soon as I walk into the stable yard it soothes my soul and I would so love to be like Apocolyptichorsewoman and have my own horse.

Go for it! smile

StaySafe Tue 24-Jul-18 13:08:23

Yes! the HOOF courses that are a BHS idea take place at lots of riding schools, they are for adult beginners ad those returning to riding. I learned to ride in my 20's and I'm now 61 and have just started a path to taking it seriously again. In my usual group there were 8 of us, 3 brand new to riding, 2 nervous returners and three more who had been going for a little while. It is great fun being part of a group like this and everyone encourages each other. I've now graduated to a slightly more advanced group and all is going well.

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