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Working hunter questions!

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Gretol Sat 09-Jun-18 08:16:08

Does anyone know anything about working hunter classes? @butkin?

We have a very nice new He's approx 15hh so pure new forest but overheight. He might be 15.1.

He has a smart walk and trot, canter is unbalanced but getting there. He jumps well. Dd (12) looks just right on him (she's tall with long legs). She'd love to do a bit of working hunter but they are only jumping 80cm (pony capable of much more but they are new partnership). He also only has half a mane grin which is fine plaited up for eventing dressage but probably very bad for workers!

Any advice on whether we could give it a go and which classes? Obviously only interested in larger local shows not HOYS!

Sparklesandglitter Sat 09-Jun-18 19:55:23

You can do novice workers, usually around 2ft3-2ft6 and m and m workers which are usually max 2ft 6 I think.yiu can always start with clear round

RatherBeRiding Wed 13-Jun-18 17:28:37

Most local shows/venues offer a M&M Workers so no need to plait if you want to show him as a native, however if he only has half a mane, and is over-height anyway, I'd be inclined to pull/trim/plait and turn out as a typical hunter.

Again - most shows will have small classes. Our riding club WH classes start at 55cm! But the show part contributes 40% of the overall mark in Workers - 60% jumping. So he will need a decent show. And will be expected to show extended strides, so I'd advise to get some work into the canter!

Pebblespony Wed 13-Jun-18 20:07:05

I regular act as ring steward and scribe for WH classes. Judges find manners quite important, they hate a horse that won't stand still. Jumps are marked on style but a fence down can be costly. In a larger class, only clear rounds will be called back.

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