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Put my brave pants on today and am very happy

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Fireinthegrate Sun 27-May-18 16:10:32

Took my mare to a local pleasure ride today. It was 10 miles. I was really nervous. I worry about what she might do - all things that she has never done in the year I've had her!
She got rather excited and kept wanting to catch up with riders ahead, but when we got there, she just wanted to go past and walk faster.
I think we ended up jogging nearly the whole 10 miles. Very wearing! However, she doesn't really try to go anywhere, just joggy.
Despite this I really enjoyed the ride, it was lovely to be able to go on private farmland we wouldn't normally be allowed on.
And it made me realise that I can ride her, I'm not as bad a rider as I think!
Really ready for a shower and a glass of wine now

wiccamum Sun 27-May-18 17:33:53

Well done op. I had just come on this board to post for advice about my new loan horse. I am a nervous rider and have just started with this loan. Lovely mare, but occasionally I am shit scared! Don’t know why! I know I have to get out on the road more with her, push her a bit and would love to go on a few pleasure rides. You’ve inspired me to fish out my brave pants and get them stuck on 😁

Fireinthegrate Sun 27-May-18 19:26:09

Yes do wiccamum
It has taken me nearly a year to get to know her, and this summer i plan to ride further afield with her. Local landowner has just opened up a couple of permissive bridleways which will make a good loop, although the whole ride will probably take me 2 hrs.
I think as you get older you are more aware of dangers. I really fear falling off, but tough wood seem to stay in the saddle so far!
Enjoy your loan horse, and get those pants on!

Dontknowwhatimdoing Mon 28-May-18 21:35:56

Yes well done! It is scary, but so worth it to go out and try these things!

NotMyCircusMonkeys Mon 28-May-18 21:40:08

Well done!! I know the nervous feeling, I'm constantly scared of all the what ifs. I'd had a break from riding and I've definitely come back to it older and a lot more scared of falling off/hurting myself. I think because my old pony was so safe, in my head no new horse will ever be as safe as she was and is therefore actually out to kill me blush I try and remind myself that the riding school wouldn't keep horses that were rearing, bucking, bolting rider-eaters grin

It really is a good feeling when you do something and realise you can actually ride!

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