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Basic kit for DD(5)

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george49 Thu 01-Mar-18 14:14:01

DD seems to be sufficiently into her lessons that it would be worth buying some proper kit.

I'm thinking she needs proper gloves, boots, jods. Would you get a hat? The riding centre allow cycling helmets.

Also, would you buy a gilet or just wear a coat? It's freezing so she wears her ski jacket but she gets so hot when she's spending half an hour trying to do rising trot.

Have I missed anything?


sugarycerealfan Thu 01-Mar-18 14:19:42

Gloves, boots, jods for sure! I would definitely recommend going somewhere reputable and getting her measured for her own riding helmet. Also worth looking into a body protector?

Floralnomad Thu 01-Mar-18 14:23:14

The only essentials are a hat , body protector and jodhpurs boots . I’ve never heard of anywhere that allows children to ride in cycle helmets .

Liz38 Thu 01-Mar-18 14:25:39

I second hat and boots. If she's going to wear jodhpur boots then half chaps will make them more comfortable. There's some evidence that body protectors can cause damage in certain falls so I wouldn't necessarily get one of those until she's jumping (and then definitely get her one).

UrsulaPandress Thu 01-Mar-18 14:27:24



bigsighall Thu 01-Mar-18 14:32:01

Cycle hat??? No no no!
Hat, boots, jods, body protector. Get hat and body protector fitted properly. Don’t buy a second hand hat (some people buy second hand body protectors but I would advise to get one fitted)

UrsulaPandress Thu 01-Mar-18 14:34:19

If the school allows children to ride in cycle helmets I would find somewhere else to learn.

Not much shocks me these days but bloody hell that is baaaaaddd.

george49 Thu 01-Mar-18 14:41:18

Ooh ok definitely a hat then!! We've been using someone's second hand one but I think she needs something proper.

I hadn't thought about a back protector. She's only on the lunge at the moment but I suppose accidents happen.

Thanks all

george49 Thu 01-Mar-18 14:42:16

Oh she's definitely not jumping - she hasn't mastered rising trot yet!

I never wore one but that was back in the bad old days...

Butkin1 Thu 01-Mar-18 15:58:20

I'd say a helmet, a body protector, jods and jod boots (ideally with half chaps) would be all that you'd need from 5 until they grow out of them. Jods are so much more comfortable and can be really cheap. Go for jod boots with threads that she can wear around the yard rather than the smarter leather soled ones.

Certainly at her age a decent helmet and back protector are a must because she will fall off !!

DiseasesOfTheSheep Thu 01-Mar-18 22:56:55

A well fitting hat is a very sensible investment - and don't be tempted to a second hand one. Not everyone is very ethical (or knowledgeable) about these things. The same applies for a body protector - falling off in them can damage them too. (Also, on a pedantic note, no body protector will protect her back, other than from a penetrating injury - they can protect against injuries like broken ribs though.)

Suitable boots are also a very good investment - better, in my opinion, than a body protector for a very small child just starting out.

DiseasesOfTheSheep Thu 01-Mar-18 22:57:57

Also, in lots of disciplines, jeans are more common than jodhs - I wouldn't worry too much about those!

george49 Fri 02-Mar-18 07:58:43

I find jeans really uncomfortable as the seams always seem to rub. It's all v cheap at Decathlon so I think I can stretch to what she needs

Thanks all

UrsulaPandress Fri 02-Mar-18 08:38:07

Riding in jeans is painful.

Jods definitely.

DiseasesOfTheSheep Fri 02-Mar-18 22:57:10

I'd love to know what you folk are doing in the saddle to make jeans painful... grin

UrsulaPandress Fri 02-Mar-18 23:31:02

Really? The seams down the inside of your leg chafe, and the big meeting of seams right where you sit on the saddle can be particularly uncomfortable.

Floralnomad Sat 03-Mar-18 00:23:29

I’d be wary of buying a hat at Decathlon as they don’t all meet the standard required , or they didn’t when I was doing a bit of research a few months ago .

DiseasesOfTheSheep Sat 03-Mar-18 14:08:26

Well that's my point, really - I ride in jeans all the time (multiple horses, up to 8 hours a day) and I've never had that problem...

Decathlon hats are not competition standard - they don't have the PAS number. This means you can't use them for Pony Club rallies etc either. Some do meet the old EN standard, which is alright, others are to another standard which is, I think, not sufficient. So it's really worth checking the standard before buying, and making a sensible judgement based on what the child will be doing.

george49 Sat 03-Mar-18 17:08:36

I had a look at the hats and wasn't convinced they were safe enough. In fact the so called professional fitter there was shite and I ended up doing a better job myself. Anyway they looked more like cycling helmets so I didn't bother. I'll take her to the proper tack shop in the week.

Thanks for the advice everyone

DiseasesOfTheSheep Sat 03-Mar-18 17:45:11

Good choice, George smile

yawning801 Sat 03-Mar-18 17:49:27

Good God I wouldn't be riding there if they let people ride in riding helmets!

But yes, jods, body protector, hat and boots if possible. Make sure they have a decent heel. Also some riding gloves might be useful in this bitter weather.

yawning801 Sat 03-Mar-18 17:50:09

That's meant to say cycling helmets... sigh...

Unicornchaser Sat 03-Mar-18 18:06:18

A well fitted hat meeting the required standard for sure! And a body protector - speaking from experience of having more falls than I care to remember as a kid, including on where my pony stood on my chest (body protector was the only saviour from being really serious!) - they are definitely a good idea! Make sure these are checked if and when she has any falls too to make sure they aren't damaged....
Jods, boots, and gloves (ones with grips really help with reign grip 👌🏻) and chaps as a preference but not essential.

Its when she decides she wants to compete or get her own pony it all gets a bit sore on the bank balance 😆

george49 Sat 03-Mar-18 18:50:56

As a mostly frustrated child pony rider I dearly hope that she does go the whole hog and want her own pony! But we're a long way off yet.

I got proper leather gloves as the woolly ones just get wet, decent jods. She really wants long boots rather than chaps and I'm not bothered either way so we'll go for them as well. They didn't have her size in decathlon.

LadyLance Sun 04-Mar-18 19:15:16

Are you sure that the riding school is properly insured if they let them ride in cycling helmets? I've never heard of that. They certainly can't be BHS, ABRS or PC registered in that case. None of that is the be all and end all, but it would really worry me.

However, if you're otherwise happy and are going to buy her a proper hat anyway, then I guess it's your call. Definitely get one to PAS015 standard, just in case she moves schools or you ever want to take her to pony club or to a show.

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