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Best turnout rugs?

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Theresahairbrushinthefridge Tue 05-Dec-17 12:51:32

So.... new pony needs a decent turnout. Think bleak Exmoor hillside. He has a stable but prefers to be out.

He is 5'3" in his current Masta. Connemara cross. Big bottomed. Bib clipped at the moment.

How do you buy rugs. Do you order online? Can't find local place with decent quality rugs.

We bought some horseware ones 20 years ago that are still going so I tempted by them. Not very impressed with the masta he came with.

What do people think of layering systems? Horseware? Are necks really necessary? I've been told that he may be 5'6'in horseware. You then get more choice.


Butkin1 Tue 05-Dec-17 22:48:03

We mostly buy Horseware - don't really get on with anything else except our novice (5yo) Connemara has a Falpro rug and it really fits him well and is really easy to see in the dark.

We go for rugs with detachable neck covers so we can make a choice each morning depending on the weather forecast. We don't mind them getting cold but as they are clipped I don't like them going out without a neck in the rain/sleet.

We usually buy online although occasionally buy at HOYS or at the brilliant Ingatestone Saddlery if we can make the effort to drive there.

One of our favourite rug dealers is Eileen Douglas Tackshop - very good service and always competitively priced. Sure there are lots of other good online places though.

bouncydog Sun 10-Dec-17 20:52:14

We really like Premier Equine. Have tried all sorts - masta, fal, horseware, bucas (horse has over 30 various ones). You can often get good deals in their sales. The fly rugs are fantastic.

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