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Sensimilla Mon 13-Nov-17 20:12:12

Can you recommend insurance providers? And how much do you pay monthly/annually?

Polkadotties Mon 13-Nov-17 21:45:34

NFU, wouldn't go with anyone else. Just under £60 a month for 6 yr old Irish Draught

Sensimilla Mon 13-Nov-17 21:51:02

Thanks. Someone else recommended NFU. Petplan is another

CatastropheKate Tue 14-Nov-17 07:52:55

NFU, don't know the actual cost as it disappears into the ridiculous sum of money that we pay to them each month. But you pay for good service, and they're very easy to deal with in my experience.

Scabbersley Thu 16-Nov-17 10:58:42

I asked my vet who he likes to deal with and he said NFU or Petplan. We are with NFU.

Sensimilla Fri 17-Nov-17 11:17:37

What do you reckon...cheaper premium for £3.5k/condition and larger excess or pay more for £5k/condition and smaller excess?

Butkin1 Fri 17-Nov-17 13:02:05

We have recently had a bad experience with NFU with a claim on our horsebox. We'll be switching to Anthony Evans for that in future.

However we've insured our ponies with KBIS for over 25 years and have never had a moment's problem with them. Very easy to work with (and we've had a lot of horses/ponies between us) and very good at paying out when there is a problem.

Pinkponiesrock Fri 17-Nov-17 14:09:30

We have a savings fund that I pay the equivalent into of what I’d pay for insurance. It’s built up and I use the excess in it for random pony associated purchases. Granted it won’t pay out on death but it would cover the same as my insurance would and it’s funded a few saddles over the years grin
I pay in £50 a month now, it was £200 a month for the first couple of years, then £100 for the next two which bulit up about £7000 and I keep it at that. It does require discipline, I have an account that really hard to get money out of, needs loads of notice which helps grin

Sensimilla Fri 17-Nov-17 15:12:45

pink, I was toying with that idea...the insurance is so much to pay!

How often/much do you claim....I have never once used the dog or cat insurance. Maybe I should just set up an animal savings account?

Sensimilla Fri 17-Nov-17 15:14:14

It kind of does pay out on death though?! Depending on value of horse and how much is in the account

Pinkponiesrock Fri 17-Nov-17 17:37:23

Having not had them insured I don’t know if an insurance company pays out Vets fees and then if your horse dies or loss of use is declared if you then also get the sum insured for.
If I had to go through colic surgery or something it might use most of my savings so I wouldn’t have the money to buy another horse if that makes sense. However I’ve bought my last 5 or 6 ponies as foals so it’s not much of an issue for me as I don’t think I’d ever buy a ready made horse.
I just made sure I had a credit card with a big limit for the first couple of years. I also don’t have the worry of a claim not being accepted or having to deal with exclusions.
They are all insured third party however if they escape and run onto the road or similar.

Pinkponiesrock Fri 17-Nov-17 17:45:39

I’m terms of frequency I’ve had x rays done on two different ponies, that was about £600 each time so I’d have claimed that but they’d have probably excluded those legs after that sad
Other than that everything else Vet related would have probably been below the excess on an insurance policy. I had, whispers so husband doesn’t hear, nine ponies at one point, 2 of them broodmares! I do have them on my own land though so I have complete control and they are in very settled groups. I would imagine at livery the chances of a kick or an accident is higher as horses are swapping fields and new ones arriving more frequently.

BrokeAndBad Sat 18-Nov-17 20:48:01

I self insure too ...

After petplan paid out for a claim, with no issues I hasten to add. I was left with increased premium and still paying the vet excess (£500) so when the policy ran out, I just never renewed and now the money just goes in a vet fund

Nearlyoldenoughtowearpurple Sat 18-Nov-17 22:58:05

Be careful of getting horsebox breakdown W now through Anthony Evans, have heard bad things

ekoor Tue 28-Nov-17 11:10:30

Anthony Evans has changed the breakdown now in response to recent feedback. Autohome (who they use) now work with Equine Rescue to collect the horses and my friend had a call out with them last week and they were there within 20 mins! Ive always had my box insurance with them as they have such good prices!

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