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First pony advice

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Tigersteeth Wed 08-Nov-17 15:58:42

My dd (nearly 7) has been riding for about 18 months, and just absolutely loves it. She loves the riding, but she really loves the stable management stuff too.
All she wants in the world is her own pony!
Now, I definitely can't stretch to her own pony, but I'm wondering about a pony share? Do people often do this with children's ponies?
The main problem I worry about is that I've never been horsey myself, although I'm doing my best to learn now, and feel confident in my ability to learn.
Her riding school don't really have pony shares available, although she can work for free rides when she's ten (her fondest wish!)
Any ideas on how to meet her pony desires until then?

snowpo Fri 10-Nov-17 17:22:16

Yes there are pony shares out there. Try and find a local horsey group on facebook, either for your local big town or county. eg we have 'Crawley Horse Network' and 'Surrey Horse and Pony' etc. Or preloved. You'll often find ads come up or you could always put a wanted ad up. Or in your local saddlery.
People do tend to want a parent who knows what they're doing so you might have to brush up your skills! Cost can be anywhere between about £15-£25 a week and generally you have to commit to paying monthly and to turning up on your allocated day/s every week. You usually have to do mucking out, poo picking etc on your day too.

Sometimes privately owned ponies can be more lively/sharper than riding school ponies so I would go for one described as 'first ridden'.
You might also want to think about insurance for your DD.

snowpo Fri 10-Nov-17 17:24:50

Ha ha, just realised you have posted twice and everyone has already replied on the other thread, sorry!

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