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Olympia or HOYS

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pico1 Wed 03-May-17 18:42:11

I want to buy my pony-obsessed DD tickets for one of the above for her 11th birthday. We're in Ireland so will travel to the UK for the weekend. Any advice on which is more enjoyable for a child? I know Olympia will have a lovely Christmassy feel but may be very busy. Thanks in advance!

elephantscansing Wed 03-May-17 18:45:12

We always go to Olympia at Christmas. Love it! V festive. Lovely atmosphere and festive finale.

Garnethair Wed 03-May-17 18:57:23

Olympia! It's fabulous.

pico1 Wed 03-May-17 19:14:42

Thank you both! Will book this evening.

Garnethair Wed 03-May-17 19:17:15

You'll need a big empty suitcase and loads of cash because the horsey shopping is wonderful.

honeyroar Wed 03-May-17 21:58:41

Olympia vote from me too, it's horsey and it's magical and Christmassy. Perfect for an 11yr old. We used to go every year when DSS was young.

honeyroar Wed 03-May-17 21:59:27

PS, I never liked the shopping, I found it too hot and busy, so there is hope!

pico1 Thu 04-May-17 07:58:08

Fantastic! Thank you all. Have booked great seats for Sunday evening. She'll be in heaven.

elephantscansing Thu 04-May-17 08:42:52

Great! There's usually a good jumping class on the Sunday, and we love all the extras - the Shetland Grand National, the guest stars, the dog agility, and so on.

Butkin1 Thu 04-May-17 10:35:32

Good choice. We've been to both for 20+ years and for children I'd always vote for Olympia. It is a show in just one arena ie you sit there and they entertain you with show jumping, displays, dog agility, shetlands etc. Also great Christmasy feel and last minute Christmas shopping opportunities. Get there well before your time so you can shop first as it is rammed during the interval. We've already booked our seats for the Monday afternoon session as we like the M&M Championships. FYI if you get afternoon session tickets you can also sit anywhere in the morning session.

HOYS is fantastic as well but very different. There is good quality show jumping in the evenings but most people we know go there for the showing. This takes place in the 2nd hall and is usually more crowded than the main arena! (they are moving it this year..) If you like showing HOYS is the place to go and the shops are fantastic but more horsey than Olympia..

ProseccoBitch Wed 10-May-17 21:22:16

I'm late to the party but I'd say Olympia too!

SnugglyBedSocks Thu 25-May-17 21:32:39

I enjoyed Olympia last year but I wouldn't rush back.

The shops were well out of my price range and I could buy the same stuff cheaper elsewhere.

Had pizza for lunch. That was nice.

Show jumping was good but got bored after a while - same with the dogs.

The show at the end was ok - again it was good but nothing amazing.

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