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Hooray! At last 24/7 turnout!

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Garnethair Sun 02-Apr-17 19:11:13

First night out for my horses tonight. Looking forward to not getting up and putting them out first thing and not mucking out. It's seemed like a long winter.

ProseccoBitch Sun 02-Apr-17 23:12:15

It's made me wonder whether I should find somewhere to kick mine out next winter and just have shoes off and forget it for a few months, this winter has been tough! It's just bliss when you can leave them out again isn't it?

Pixel Mon 03-Apr-17 19:30:21

That's why I'm not sure I could go back to stabling after having the freedom of leaving them out with a field shelter. Obviously you still have to go along and do them but there isn't the same pressure. If you fancy an extra hour in bed on a Sunday you don't have to lie there feeling guilty wink.

frostyfingers Mon 03-Apr-17 20:00:10

Mine is out 24/7 except for the odd night before hunting. He had 2 weeks in at night a while back and it reminded me what a nightmare having them stabled is, and how lucky I am for it not to be necessary unless I choose to. Enjoy the lie in!

Puppymouse Tue 04-Apr-17 21:35:55

We have a 6pm curfew at our yard so I can't wait to be able to stop worrying that if I run late in the morning he's getting ants in his pants and if I'm late in the eve yard owner is getting ants in her pants!! Got another 4-6 weeks to go 😨

Garnethair Wed 05-Apr-17 15:16:40

Been a few days now. I've seen them flat out in the field in the morning sun, which is nice, and they come in for a couple of hours each afternoon for a groom, feed and hay. It's wonderful!

TimeforANewTwatName Sat 22-Apr-17 09:46:08

I'm on count down, ours go out 24/7 on the 1st of may. My nag is desperate to be out now, bed completely trashed ever morning, rivers of piss coming out of the door.

6am is not early enough for him confusedgrin

Gabilan Sun 23-Apr-17 16:55:39

Mine's got ants in his pants. It's like every time he goes out for a hack he just wants to get back as quickly as possible. "Grass is that way, forward, march". Bless him. He's more wound up now than when he was on restricted turn out in the winter.

HappyHacker712 Wed 26-Apr-17 11:32:31

Came across this which talks about night turnout. Anyone agree with these tips?

Garnethair Wed 26-Apr-17 18:37:03

Interesting article. Mine come in for a few hours sleep every afternoon and I fly spray them before they go back out. If rain is due overnight (heavy rain) they have a night in, because one of mine is soluble.

BenjaminLinus Sun 30-Apr-17 20:42:13

Wow, a 6pm curfew seems harsh - no evening riding then?

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