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Royal Windsor vets... tips?

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Dodadodaday Sun 12-Mar-17 19:34:48

Hi! Just been convinced to do the veterans at Royal Windsor. I'm not from the UK (from USA) and done everything horsey over there but never shown here. What do I need to know?!? Any advice gladly received.

Butkin1 Mon 13-Mar-17 13:16:09

HI Doda, that sounds really exciting! Starting off at Royal Windsor is a bit hard core as it is probably the third biggest show of the year here - after HOYS and Royal International.

It's a professionals show - they all go - and everything is brilliantly run. They say it is the show in the Queen's back garden and she will be coming to watch every day..

I've competed there and so has DD and we're entering up again this season. It's a thrill just to compete there. The closing date is March 31st so that is the first thing you've got to get on top of..

I'm sure you're read the class conditions carefully in the RWHS schedule. I don't think you need to be members of SSADL to compete but you do need to be to qualify. I think all the competitors at Windsor will be members so definitely something to sort out beforehand.. Call SSADl - I've found them easy to work with (we run the same classes at our East Anglian show on April 8th..)

Are you doing ridden or in hand (or both)?

One tip I've got for you is that it takes ages to get from the lorry park to the rings and you need to be prepared to take all your kit with you when you depart. Most importantly you should go and get you competitors wrist band from the little office near the river when you arrive. They won't let you go to the rings without one - even if you are mounted! I've seen people desperately jumping off their horses and rushing in to pick them up on route to the rings and I've known a friend to miss a class..

Let me know if you've any further questions..

Dodadodaday Mon 13-Mar-17 20:01:04

Thanks for the tips!! I also need some more basic information... what will I be expected to do in the ring!! :p

I feel I need to say, I've ridden for over 30 years and did international competitions before, so it's not s case of incompetence here, if I'm pointed in the right direction I can do it... I just need to know what it is!!!!

Butkin1 Mon 13-Mar-17 20:51:03

Cam you Let me me know what classes you are doing? Go onto the Royal Windsor Horse Show website and then go to competitors and open up the schedule. The key is are you doing ridden or in hand classes? What type and size of horse/or pony? How experienced is your animal - has it done showing classes before when younger - if so what type of classes? Do you have the right kit for horse and rider?

BaldricksWife Tue 14-Mar-17 10:05:56

Which veteran section? We have got something entered in one of the riddens! Ours will be the norty one............................... The show is normally very simple and no galloping/rein backs are allowed- worth a good read of their rule book.

Windsor is a wonderful experience and everything Butkin has said is spot on. Allow lots and lots of time!

A win at Royal Windsor is a wonderful experience and yes, HRH is normally kicking about somewhere.

Dodadodaday Wed 15-Mar-17 06:55:49

Thanks guys, it's senior plus ridden. She's an eventer.

BaldricksWife Wed 15-Mar-17 09:01:10

We are in the middle ridden one- will keep an eye out for you!

Dodadodaday Wed 15-Mar-17 17:33:18

So is it just rude around in a group walk/trot/canter as instructed?

Butkin1 Wed 15-Mar-17 18:44:51

Although we're experienced showing people (cobs, M&Ms, show Ponies, Show hunter ponies and workers) we don't know much about senior showing I'm afraid.

Therefore you may be best downloading the rule book from the Senior Showing and Dressage and joining up ahead of Windsor. It seems that you may need an age badge for your horse to wear on it's bridle and the rule book explains everything about tack and your own turn out (no earrings, spurs etc). You may want to call them for more info..

I believe you'd show like a hack ie everybody in on right rein at walk, then trot, then canter usually on both reins. Definitely not galloping at any stage in Seniors..

Then you get called in but not as a "pull" (in order of preference) and will have to do an individual show. I presume you will be stripped but again check with the society.

Sorry can't be more definite. I'll know more after watching the senior classes at BSPS Area 16 Show (Trinity Park, Ipswich) on 8th April as they are the same classes as Royal Windsor..

Hope it all works out for you. How old is yours?

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