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Newtown Stables (Irish horse sales Ireland)

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NoToAnimalAbuse Thu 15-Dec-16 11:36:10

Have been caught abusing a zebra sad

Video here of it being driven, photos of it being ridden to follow.

Please do not buy from these people.

NoToAnimalAbuse Thu 15-Dec-16 11:38:53


Aftertheraincomesthesun Thu 15-Dec-16 20:07:05


NoToAnimalAbuse Fri 16-Dec-16 00:14:32

Please can everyone in the horse world share what they have been doing. They originally posed the video and pics saying it was "fun for Christmas". They have since taken them off their FB page and gone into lockdown.

They have been reported but, sadly, Ireland has incredibly lax animal welfare regulations. If they are willing to post public videos of their abuse thinking it's "fun" then who knows what happens out of sight sad

Their FB page:

Thank you x

JenLindleyShitMom Fri 16-Dec-16 00:19:04

angry it never ends does it? Poor creature. Go play a video game for fun, leave animals alone.

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