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NeighTrumpSnort Sat 10-Dec-16 12:29:29


Has anyone got any experience of this centre?

NeighTrumpSnort Sat 10-Dec-16 12:30:03

Pixel Sat 10-Dec-16 18:02:16

No but now I want to go there! And I want to see if they can get dhorse a part in Poldark grin.

NeighTrumpSnort Sat 10-Dec-16 18:06:51

Lol x was looking at the confidence courses

Pixel Sat 10-Dec-16 21:46:58

Ah well, so was I really (I certainly need one) but I can dream can't I?
Hope someone else can give you some info. I was looking at a thing about equestrian tai chi that looked interesting and is supposed to be brilliant for confidence but I don't see how I could do it without a school available, and it was a bit expensive for me as things are at the moment. Am bearing it in mind though. I don't actually know the first thing about tai chi but the woman running it seemed to really understand how it feels when your confidence drains away for no apparent reason, so I thought that was a good sign blush.

mrslaughan Sun 11-Dec-16 08:01:01

I personally don't, but a women at our yard went to one of there confidence courses, loved it and it seems to have really helped.
I think she had a ball to be honest and think she would really recommend.

NeighTrumpSnort Sun 11-Dec-16 09:03:34

Many thanks

Puppymouse Tue 13-Dec-16 21:56:47

I can't remember who from but I have also heard good things. I love watching their stuff on FB!

Knackered46 Tue 13-Dec-16 23:13:58

Ooh - I was looking at the confidence course! But all the testimonials seem to come from steeplechasers blush

I fell off 4 months ago whilst out on a hack -it was the first time I had ever fallen off. The horse stumbled and his entire front end went down and I was thrown off onto hard packed earth.

I fractured my coccyx - I also displaced it and now it points at an angle to the right. I went back to riding but am scared. Am not a steeplechaser though - am just cantering along - would it be appropriate for me do you think? I still enjoy riding, but if the horse ever misplaces a foot etc, I'm really scared and it leaches my enjoyment.

I know it wasn't a major fracture - but it did hurt and apparently my coccyx still points to the right...

BlessThisMess Mon 19-Dec-16 20:27:40

I sent my DD (14) on their confidence day and sat in on all the sessions too. She had a great day and learned lots of useful stuff. It did give her confidence a boost although not as much or long-lasting as I'd hoped. She does have proper anxiety issues though, off the horse as well as on. I would say it's well worth doing, although is not necessarily a miracle cure.

NeighTrumpSnort Tue 27-Dec-16 19:30:29


I just don't know what to do. The testimonials seem to come from owners of their own horses. I ride different horses each time at the stables so I don't know if it would be useful or not.

It's a lot of money wasted if it doesn't help. Mine is the fear of falling off a spooky horse. But each horse spooks for different reasons and in different ways so how can the course help with that.....

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