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Thoughts on this yard I viewed today?

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poniesgalore Sun 27-Nov-16 22:00:06

I have named changed for this, just in case the details are a bit outing!

We went to view a sole use yard for rent today. It's only 2 mins drive from our house. There are 4 big stables, an enormous tack room with loo, 6 acres divided into 3 paddocks plus a free-draining flat field for schooling/jumping and... wait for it... private access to an 80 acre valley containing a full run of various height XC jumps!!

Of course, there has to be a downside doesn't there??! In this case the stables adjoin a busy boarding kennels. The noise of the dogs barking was loud and I don't think there's even that many dogs in at be moment! Particularly noisy in the end stable which shares a wall with the kennels. None of our horses is particularly sensitive or bothered by dogs but I'm just not sure how the constant noise might effect them. I think I would have to invest in ear defenders for myself or the noise would drive me insane! Surely the dogs don't bark constantly??? Or maybe they do???

Is this a deal breaker? I just don't know!!!

angeldiver Sun 27-Nov-16 22:04:06

Dogs don't tend to bark constantly.
I liveried next door to a kennels, it was never a problem.
It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.

Moanranger Fri 02-Dec-16 23:14:19

They would probably get used to the noise. I kept horses in Greater London & there lots of yards close to A3 & M25, so constant road noise.
Maybe avoid using the box adjacent to kennels.
Could use it as a bargaining point to get price down

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