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I'm drugging horses.

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ConcernedAnon Wed 16-Nov-16 08:59:52

If you read my thread about reporting you'll have more of a back story.

The people on the yard next to me can't handle horses at all basically. Last week one of the mares tried to kick the hell out of her owner. it is her own fault. she refuses to work with the horse or do any sort of handling (bare in mind I've seen this horse knock down grown men at the sight of a new head collar). She is planning on putting a child on it though.

Anyway after she nearly got a battering from the horse her immediate conclusion was that I've been lacing horse treats and drugging her horse to make it behave badly.

Proof coz there is foil in her field so it must be me.

foximusprime1 Wed 16-Nov-16 09:12:33

I cant find your previous post but by the sounds of it the woman is a tosser and she clearly hasn't got a clue!! some horse people are mental!!
don't give her any air space, let her put the child on, it will all go wrong unfortunately and its the poor horse I feel sorry for!!!

ConcernedAnon Wed 16-Nov-16 09:18:18

Long story short she is a tosser. She's been trying to bully me to get me to leave because she wants my land.

She has 18 horses as part of her riding school / livery which is unlicensed. shed been using a 2 year old in the school. so I reported her and when she asked I told her why.

her brother in law then proceeded to attack me and was stopped (he didn't get near me).

Since then it's been her grazing at straws cause she knows she's screwed herself over keep getting caught lying about me.

Yesterday she was complaining I was lunging.
Not that I was doing anything wrong.
I was lunging to upset her.

I imagine it must be upsetting seeing someone you constantly try to paint as an idiot doing a better job.

My 3 year old just put the cherry on the cake and pranced round super light with his tail in the air. did roll backs and alsorts ahaha.

ConcernedAnon Wed 16-Nov-16 09:18:49

grasping at straws*

BratFarrarsPony Wed 16-Nov-16 09:26:25

some horse people are just crazy.
I wonder what this drug is that you can give horses to make them misbehave?
If she is running an unlicensed riding school, report her. again and again.

ConcernedAnon Wed 16-Nov-16 11:47:32

The council are investigating. I reported her the minute I got proof that 2 year old is 2 (she claimed it's 4. bloody knew it wasn't. turns out I know the breeder!).

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