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Riding gear for a five year old?

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gonetoseeamanaboutadog Fri 02-Sep-16 19:59:00

So I have a pony mad five year old. This is karma.

Please, would anyone be kind enough to tell me the following:

Are long or short boots better for this age?
Skull cap or hat?
What size jodhpurs is she likely to need (local shop doesn't have small enough. She's tall for her age, fairly solid build).
Does she need gloves?
Is a back protector necessary given that she'll only be pottering?

Thank you so much.

baringan Fri 02-Sep-16 20:01:34

Well, we are fairly serious riders. When Dd3 was five, she had short boots and chaps, gloves, jodphurs about size 22, a skull cap and hat silk and a back protector for jumping. She even wore a hairnet smile no hoodies, no plaits, no wellies

baringan Fri 02-Sep-16 20:03:22

EBay is great for jjods, boots, chaps, gloves. Please get a hat properly fitted. Ditto body protector.

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Fri 02-Sep-16 20:14:12

Thanks! We did get a properly fitted skull cap today but I wasn't sure if it was the right call.

Ebay here I come smile

5OBalesofHay Fri 02-Sep-16 21:27:07

Don't forget to get her a pony☺

frenchfancy Fri 02-Sep-16 21:31:44

I would go for long boots at that age as they grow so quickly and long boots are pretty cheap.

Body protector once they are off they lead rein. Gloves once it gets cold.

baringan Sat 03-Sep-16 08:39:02

I don't like long boots at that age as the ankles aren't flexible enough to help them have a correct seat. I am quite old fashioned though blush

baringan Sat 03-Sep-16 08:40:10

Gloves aren't to keep hands warm they are to help them keep a good contact on the reins without chafing if the pony pulls or tosses it's head about.

5OBalesofHay Sat 03-Sep-16 13:38:12

I'm another who doesn't like long boots for young children (or any beginner). I think they tend to cause flappy leg aids until you've got well established seat and legs.

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Sat 03-Sep-16 14:04:40

50 bales don't even joke!! My DH says the writing's on the wall smile

I have got long boots but will probably end up getting short boots on the basis of this thread...

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Sat 03-Sep-16 14:05:34

Hair net is a great idea. She has a crazy mop of curls that escape in all directions smile

5OBalesofHay Sat 03-Sep-16 20:08:50

I'm afraid you won't just end up with one pony. They are like chocolates, one is never enough!

baringan Sat 03-Sep-16 22:18:56


We have three now, it's a rest from four hmm

5OBalesofHay Sat 03-Sep-16 23:47:10

Exactly the same for us baringan. Sorry OP, they are addictive grin

lastqueenofscotland Sun 04-Sep-16 16:56:32

I think rubber boots should be illegal, ruin your lower leg position imo. Nice short boots, I'm a skull cap fan, less chance of jarring your neck than with fixed peak.
Controversially I'd not be too fussed about a back protector at that age/level. Not least cause you'll be buying a new one every three months

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Sun 04-Sep-16 20:29:22

Good grief. Definitely not showing DH this thread.

Back in the day, I do remember having two very safe horses (I was a novice). Had no idea how it had actually happened grin

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Sun 04-Sep-16 20:32:47

Another question if anyone could be so kind. Do short boots need to fit perfectly or can they have 'growing room'? My parents were keen on growing room and I always seemed to fall off barefoot grin

peppatax Sun 04-Sep-16 20:37:15

I recently bought short boots for DDs and have a little growing room, they can easily walk/run in them though. Didn't bother with jodhs though, they're okay in leggings until it gets colder. No body protector either for the time being, might be setting a bad example but I've never worn one and don't want them having a false sense of security!

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Sun 04-Sep-16 21:10:46

Thank you. I'll get the ones with a little growing room then.

Butkin Mon 05-Sep-16 11:50:11

At that age you need a helmet, body protector, grippy gloves (can be cheap ones) and short boots. Jodphur boots can be quite reasonably priced now and 2nd hand ones only about a fiver. Long boots would be wrong for a child of that age although they could wear ones (if already bought) around the yard etc. Also buy some jodphurs - only about a tenner - as much more comfortable than jeans..

LurkyMcLurcker Mon 05-Sep-16 12:06:28

If she is planning to do any pony club they are not supposed to have long boots until 12. My DD is 6, she wears skull cap and silk, back protector, short boots, chaps and johds. I run a riding school, the latest thing seems to be for children to have their own stirrups and leathers that they bring with themshock

peppatax Mon 05-Sep-16 14:27:04

Lurky really?!?? That's nuts!

Butkin Mon 05-Sep-16 17:13:36

DD has her own stirrups and leathers that she takes with her when she goes to ride. That is because the ponies tend to have bigger stirrups than we like due to them being produced and usually ridden by adults.

We use the plastic ones for schooling and jumping and the classic metal ones for flat classes..

gonetoseeamanaboutadog Mon 05-Sep-16 18:17:55

Their own stirrups?!! I've never heard anything like it!

But butkin that does make sense now it's explained. I must look and see how big the stirrups are at the school. They will think I'm insane...

5OBalesofHay Mon 05-Sep-16 22:37:07

I wouldn't take your own leathers and irons to a riding school at ages 5. If they were really wrongly sized I'd have an issue with the school's management of lessons. Butkin's Dd rides at another level, where it makes sense.

Did you ride when younger? If so I predict you will get back into it (hence predictions of multiple ponies)😁

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