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Where to buy kids riding stuff?

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Castironfireplace Fri 05-Aug-16 12:47:39

As per the title really. My DD loves riding, she's been doing it for 4 years now (she's 8 now) and it looks like something that's stuck. Up until now she's been borrowing a hat, wearing her wellies and her winter gloves but now the instructor said she really needs her own proper gear (whilst whispering don't buy it here as it's overpriced). She also rides very well for her age but is starting to notice everyone else has the right gear (bad poor mummy)

I want the best I can get for safety but don't want to spend a lot as she will grow out of it & also it's really expensive as it is!

I know we will have to visit a shop to get the right fit for a hat but can anyone advise where is good to buy this stuff from? We are in UK and can travel a bit. Thanks for any advice!

notasausage Fri 05-Aug-16 13:07:34

If you can get to a decent sized horse event then you will have more choice on hats than going to a shop unless you can find a good sized shop near you. We went to the Highland Show and got DD a lovely hat that fits much better than her last one bought in a shop. I also did that when I was looking for my hat and worked my way round all the stalls trying everything they had until I found the best one. Hold your breath and just pay the money on that one - not worth saving on a hat.

Jods are fine bought from ebay/preloved/website sales as are boots. I have picked up some real bargains. See if there are any Horsey Items for Sale in….. for your local area on FB - they are a good source of local bargains or put a "wanted" post on.

Pendu Fri 05-Aug-16 13:14:14

Ebay or similar (not a hat) or a tack shop but don't go to a "posh" tack shop.

Derby house online also back in my day there was Robinsons catalogue.

I would buy boots and jods online and hat in a tack shop for fitting.

thumb3lina Fri 05-Aug-16 13:18:55

Decathlon do cheap gloves and boots, while she's riding in a riding school you don't really need the expensive gloves/boots just get some knitted gloves with non slip pimples (about £2) and a pair of jodhpurs boots with matching half chaps. You can get jodhpurs (riding trousers) from decathlon or online.

Hat rules have changed recently so you need to make sure the hat is certified PAS 015 or VG1 AND has the BSI kite mark. Go to get a hat fitted as some brands fit different head shapes better, I like gatehouse. I'd recommend a skull cap as if your DD goes on to jumping XC any time soon she will need a skull cap anyway as they have no fixed peak. Last time I looked at the lower end skull caps they were around £50-£60 but I like the HS1 (£130 ish down to £100 if you shop around online) or RXC1 (around £150) skull caps which are a bit more expensive but still not ridiculous like some hats. Never buy a second hand riding hat and replace it after any falls where the head is hit, drops of the hat or after 3-5 years.

Most children I know around this age also wear body protectors (£50-£100+), these need to be fitted and are sometimes referred to as back protectors. I would recommend one although I personally wear an air jacket with no body protector.

Almost all of the children around this age I know wear air jackets with or without a body protector but these children are competing, some tack shops might try to sell you one (£315) but I wouldn't think these are essential until the child is jumping/competing or riding a more naughty pony. My DD will be wearing one as soon as she sits on a pony though as I've seen far too many accidents where air jackets have/would have made a difference.

Castironfireplace Fri 05-Aug-16 14:31:34

Brilliant thanks everyone!

I am not horsey in the slightest so this is really good to know. She is jumping so I did wonder about the back protector business. She is doing (to my untrained eye) a lot more than other kids who already have them on so il have a look. She has also got a nickname for trying to go too fast....Perhaps I just need to suck the cost up! I didn't even think about at an event so that's brilliant thanks.

I did start looking at hats on Amazon as the costs at the school were quite scary, but then I looked at the reviews and some were awful. I'd never forgive myself if something happened because I was being cheap. You'd think they shouldn't be able to sell some of that stuff! It was initially temping at the thought of her growing out of it in a yearblush

Amazing help, thanks.

thumb3lina Fri 05-Aug-16 14:49:32

If she's jumping then yes, get a body protector. I am surprised the riding school will let her take part in jumping lessons without one as I've only ever known riding schools to have them compulsory for jumping.

PoshPenny Fri 05-Aug-16 14:57:44

Hat new, to current standards and fitted by someone trained. Everything else you can get secondhand. jodpur boots and half chaps are a better (comfier) option than rubber knee length riding boots.

Castironfireplace Fri 05-Aug-16 15:04:48

Oh okshock there are only 2 at a time, I dunno, about a foot of the floor - the 2 poles crossed thingy iyswim? I know when she's charging round she's cantering, but then she slows for the jumps and leans over....god I sound like an ignaramous. I will get this sorted pronto!

They are lovely at her riding school so I guess they'd gently nudge me to get one anyway....I hope!! Thanks for info!!

Jacobbay Fri 05-Aug-16 16:40:17

If you can get to the south east pay a visit to Ingatestone saddlery near Chelmsford. It's the most fabulous horsey shop and has an excellent cafe too.

TaLLyHOnellie Sat 20-Aug-16 19:24:54

I get my son's and I jodhpurs online - only because he is a boy so needs a different "fit" which shops don't seem to stock as readily and I am overweight and so need huge jodhpurs!

Our riding school recommended a Tack shop to go to for the hat and body protector. I would not buy one online or from anywhere else. They MUST be properly fitted for them to do their job of protecting!

Boots can be got anywhere, as can chaps. We both ride in short boots as I find long ones too restrictive.

What area of the country are you in?

Curlgurl Thu 25-Aug-16 22:02:46

As someone who fell on her head off a bolting 17.3 please dont buy a hat off amazon or eBay etc. Go to a reputable tack shop and get a fully trained member of staff to fit her hat. You only get one head.
I suffered nothing more than concussion and post concussion syndrome. If I hadn't of been wearing a properly fitting hat I would be dead. My current hat cost nearly £200, Charles Owen Ayr8 and its worth every penny

noramum Wed 07-Sep-16 13:41:39

I agree, hats and protector needs to be fitted properly, think of it like a car seat.

A protector is worth every penny. DD has one since she was trotting confidently and the school insists on them when they start cantering and jumping.

Jodphurs I get online, boots from a tack shop as they have a decent selection and I know they fit and don't just sell. Luckily our shop is not overpriced. Similar to gloves, DD has short fingers so we need to try on.

bouncydog Sat 10-Sep-16 17:07:46

You could also look on facebook for a riding group in your area as loads of people sell on the children's stuff because it's outgrown so quickly. As others have said, your daughter needs a properly fitted hat and back protector. Amazon do jods as do Robinsons, Derby House, and lots of other online sellers.

Try different make jods as they all fit differently. My DD started riding before she was 2 and is now 23! Over the years I hate to think how much everything has cost - its like digging a hole and shovelling money in! However all of that said, it's a fantastic hobby for children to get into, teaches them responsibility and keeps them fit. We found as ours became a teenager, we never had any teenage issues because she had the responsibility of caring for her own horse by then.

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