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Can I fit a 17.2 and a 16.3 in an Ifor 505?

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DreamingofItaly Sun 03-Jul-16 12:56:05

Just that really. They both travel brilliantly and I've travelled them separately in the 505 but never together. They're solid warmbloods, one mare, one gelding and the best of friends.
We're moving yards, it's about 5 miles down the road so it's not a long trip but I'm just not sure they'll both fit happily.
Has anyone put horses this size in a 505 together?
I can take them separately, like I say, it's not far, but after thoughts from those more experienced than me!

Juststopit Sun 03-Jul-16 13:13:24

You'd need a 510 or 511 to fit them both in, think it might be a bit tight in a 505. I travelled my shire (17,2) and pony (14.2) in 510 together and they were fine but wouldn't have fitted in a 505 .

DreamingofItaly Sun 03-Jul-16 13:15:38

Thanks for replying. This is my thinking. I'll probably move them separately as the 505 is all I've access to.

Booboostwo Sun 03-Jul-16 15:02:49

Would you be ok on towing weight even if they were happy squeezing in together?

CatherineDeB Sun 03-Jul-16 15:14:19

I wouldn't, I have had both a 505 and 510. The weight capacity of a 505 is about 1400kg so you could be pushing towards that depending on build type of the horses.

The 510 has another 6" of headroom too which I would want for the big one.

I used to tow two big horses with a defender 110 which towed 3500kg. Weight wise I always liked to have as much spare capacity as possible, definitely 6-700kg plus.

Don't forget about all the clobber in your car as well which isn't weight free.

I once saw a trailer being towed by something puny not be able to stop on roundabout on a slight downhill and both trailer and car ended up on their sides.

britnay Mon 04-Jul-16 08:26:46

As mentioned above, it would not work weight wise.

DreamingofItaly Tue 05-Jul-16 23:39:17

Thanks all, hadn't seen I'd had more comments!!

I didn't even consider the weight, good point. I shall travel them separately to be safe, it's not a problem, they're both fab to travel and load (famous last words!!) and it's not far so easily done.

Fingers crossed its not chucking it down. I do hate towing in crap weather!

Biggles398 Thu 07-Jul-16 01:25:02

I would definitely worry about headroom in a 505 with a 17.2

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