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Probably stressed for no reason but I've sold my mare....

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MrsJaxTeller Wed 22-Jun-16 18:08:28

I've had for 9 years, work commitments meant I didn't have time to ride or spend a lot of time with her. I sold her last weekend and I've had this panicky awful feeling all week, It's not about where she's going as the lady is lovely, her new home is 5* I know she'll be well cared for and absolutely adored. I'm freaked out about her loading! I've never had an issue with her loading in the past but she's only been travelled on the couple of times we've moved yards. She's going 3 hours away. She's an ex racer and has probably travelled loads before I got her. I could really do with some reassurance. I'm also worried as she's only been kept with one other horse and am shitting myself she'll have a breakdown while trying to get her on the box when he's there. I probably need a slap.

frostyfingers Wed 22-Jun-16 22:16:01

Have you time for a bit of a practice, assuming you have a trailer/lorry where you are? If so put her on and off a few times, nice and slowly and calmly. Feed her in it, quietly close it up and then open up and lead out.

If not, try and be as calm as you can on the day (tricky I know). Make sure the trailer/lorry is opened right up, if you can put it next to a solid fence/wall or similar so one side at least is closed off. Wear a hard hat and gloves, use a lunge line and walk quietly but firmly up the ramp without holding her tightly but if she pulls back stand firm & stay where you are but play out the line - don't be a yoyo on the end of the string! If she gets tricky try a"time out" by walking her around a bit then trying again. All this are tips I've been given by someone helping with my horse and they work for us. Force will never work, it has to be agreement and persuasion that it's absolutely fine to go in to the trailer.

As an ex racer she's more than likely to be ok though. Just try and keep it as low key as possible.

Mrsraypurchase Thu 23-Jun-16 08:44:57

Are you using a professional transport company to take her to her new home? If so I would let them load her for you.

Gabilan Thu 23-Jun-16 21:52:02

I don't think you should load her yourself. Your nerves will transmit to her. I suspect you're worried about selling her and are focussing on the loading. Quite understandable but I think you'll find she'll load better with someone else.

MrsJaxTeller Sat 25-Jun-16 17:31:40

She loaded first time and has arrived at her new home grin. All that stress I caused myself was for nothing. Thank you for the advice. I got someone else to load her.

Gabilan Sat 25-Jun-16 18:28:12

Excellent! Thanks for letting us know.

frostyfingers Sat 25-Jun-16 18:46:12

That's good, hope she settles well.

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