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Nervous and novice jumping for dummies

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kelstemialil1 Mon 06-Jun-16 09:58:46

My daughter has her first nervous and novice jumping comp on Sat. It's 35, 45 and 65cm. I'm not a horsey mum and would like an idea of the rules. I know she needs a clear round first. If she didn't get a clear round in 35cm does this mean she is out for all of it. Any advice on what to expect would be really helpful. Thanks

MoonlightandMusic Mon 06-Jun-16 20:49:07

She should be able to treat each height as a separate competition (so faults in the 35cm shouldn't stop her entering for the 45cm etc.,), but do check with the organisers - they will be happy to help. Generally, I would expect to pay individually for each height too.

Also, 'clear first round' could mean either 'ride straight on to your second round without leaving the arena' or 'leave the arena, wait until everyone's done the first round, and then go in for your second'. I am guessing they will allow people to continue on, rather than leave the arena and wait.

While competitions (or those around here anyway) rarely start on time, try and plan to get there in time to be able to do at least the same amount of warm-up, or a little more, than she would usually do at her own yard - will help to settle horse and rider! At those heights, just a walk or trot around with lots of bending/circles/loops for warm up would be fine - don't need to stress too much on the actual jumping.

Finally - best of luck to your DD!

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